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In the 3rd picture that is Angola's capital city. Angola's capital city is called Luanda coordinates are 10s and 13 E.In the 2nd picture those are all of the countries the border Angola like for example Democratic Republic of the Congo, North East Zambia,Botswana and Namibia. And the last picture is of the continent Africa hemisphere is half Eastern and the other half is of Southern hemisphere.

Physical Characteristics

the Congo river is located in Africa.the second largest river and it is also the deepest river.


Angola has a large population because more people are entering that leaving the country. Angola total population is 24.47 Million people.

Angola is crowed because 19.088 square per mile. So of course Angola is crowed

There fertility rate is 6.08 birth per woman. Also there growth rate is 2.78 and Angola is growing fast.

these are Angola's largest cities. Also Angola is more urban than rural.

Angola migration rate is that more people they are entering that leaving the state.


Angola it is developing because it's GPA per capita is 6,300,life expectancy is 51.46 years and it's literacy rate is 67.4%. A counrty has to have higher GPA per capita,life expectany rate and literacy rate has to be highr than that so that a counrty can be a developed counrty.


Ther main spoken language is Portugues. Also there religions practices are christain,roman chatholic.

catatos it's a caterpillar fried with garlic and served with rice.

Cocada Amarela it's made with yellow coconut pudding and sugar,grated coconut,egg yolks and ground cinnamon.

lubango festival is a 30 day celebration held in lunbango City in Angola hulia province. Begging in August with fashion parade, sports turnament motorbikes and a beauty pagent.

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