Syria Revolution Breonna Myers

Throughout my whole research process there were many challenges but I would have to say the biggest one was finding information on the incubation stage and symptomatic stage of the Syrian Revolution. Even though the Syrian Revolution was the biggest reported and talked about, most news articles and stories focused on the crisis stage of the whole revolution. But since the information was a little difficult to find, I did find myself doing a lot of digging into news articles and videos. While doing this digging I did come across some very interesting information. The biggest piece of information I found was that one of the major causes to this revolution was that Syria was having bad dust storms constantly. The bad dust storms started causing the soil to become dry making the amount of crops produced very low. This was making food very scarce, also just for reference the population to resource ratio was already out of balance. After reading all this information my outlook was changed on revolutions completely. I never could have imagined that revolutions could get as bad as the Syria revolution did. It was so mind blowing to think of all the people who right at this moment are fighting for their life's just to stay protected from the revolutions going on all around the world. So overall my main reason for choosing this particular revolution was that it seemed the most interesting and had the most information on, the other revolutions that were given to us I had never even heard of. The only one I did was the Syrian revolution, plus I also had some background knowledge on this topic because I've seen many news channels talk about this specific revolution.

Incubation Stage : Bad Leader / Bad Economy / Very Poor Country / Low Crops / Population to Resource Ratio Out Of Balance.

"Dry Soil"

Symptomatic Stage: Peaceful Protest Went Bad / Innocent Civilians Being Killed / Removal of Topsoil = Politically Triggered War / Loss of Oil Production


Crisis Stage: I think my revolution has been in the crisis stage for quite some time due to there being so many news articles and channels constantly talking about this revolution. The events that are taking place are innocent civilians are constantly being killed for peaceful protesting, the country is going into ruins due the war, homes are being destroyed, families are being displaced from homes or are homeless etc.

"Destroyed Buildings"

Covalence Stage: My prediction for the covalence stage is that Syria is going to have all the citizens of the country all come together to fight for what they want, but all the violence needs to end on both sides. Violence isn't the key to working out problems between two different sides. Nothing good ever comes out of violence. I feel that once everyone in Syria unites into one , they will be unstoppable. Millions of people can change everything when you all unite as one. The main goal of the Syrians was to overthrow the current leader because he wasn't doing anything good for the country whatsoever. It's not going to only take the violence to end but a very strong and good leader for their country. Right now Syria is in a huge crisis, 11 million Syrians are on the run, 4.8 million forced to seek safety in other countries and 6.3 million displaced from homes. The country is in ruins, homes and buildings are destroyed. Syria is going to have to go through a major rebuilding stage but with a good leader and strong people they can do it.


Similarities Between the French and Syrian Revolution : Both did not like nor support their current leader / Both countries had money problems (being poor) / Peaceful protests turned into violent killings of innocent people.

Differences Between the French and Syrian Revolution: French revolution started in 1789 and lasted for around 10 years while the Syrian Revolution is still ongoing / The French Revolution first started with a huge breakout of violence while the Syrian slowly became more and more violent / Syria used weapons such as bombs and guns while during the French Revolution they used the Gulilotine.


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