Nature Activity at FLMNH Gayathri srinivasan

Nature On Display

One exhibit that I enjoyed and immediately caught my attention was the exhibit that showed the different sizes of shark mouths throughout time. You could physically see how the sharks got smaller over time and compare them to one another. You could also compare your size relative to the shark mouths and see how even the tallest and biggest human could not amount up to these giant creatures. This exhibit really put everything into perspective regarding hierarchy. This exhibit was appealing to me as I felt as it captured something that could not be defined by words or pictures. It is one things to read about and see pictures of animals/people/places and then to actually get to experience it. I felt as if this museum really was able to show these magnitudes that can only be experienced.

Nature And Ethics

This museum allowed people to be interactive all the way through unlike other museums that you see. Most of the displays were not enclosed in a glass casing and were out in the open. This really made the relationship between viewer and exhibit more personal. The museum also had a real life butterfly exhibit where you could be in the same environment as butterflies, frogs, and birds. In everyday society, it is hard to come across nature at it's purest form so many people are not exposed to natural elements. This exhibit really shows people the beauty in nature. The whole museum shows people that us humans are not the only ones inhabiting the land and that there were creatures before us and will be creatures after us.

Nature And The Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary life and lets us appreciate the beauty of nature and everything around us. It shows us many aspects about earth's past and its creatures that we did not know about and sheds light on earths mysteries.The museum helps us experience aspects about the earth that we would not be able to in our everyday lives. With this museum we are able to see how small we are in the grand scheme of things. The museum shows how life on earth was before humans came. This kind of education is important to an individual as we cannot lead life believing that we are the only species on this planet. It helps us take a step out of ordinary lives and experience something truly majestic.

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