Italy Presented by: Seth Krigbaum

Italy's capital is Rome (Roma), its population is 2.627 million as of 2014, the population of all of Italy is 61,680,122 people. The most spoken languages in Italy are Italian with the majority, German and a small French speaking minority. The location of Italy is at the very bottom of Europe, very easy to identify due to the boot like shape of the country. The average age in Italy is 43.8 years and the life expectancy is 80 years.

Geographically speaking the majority of Italy landmass is surrounded by an ocean and mountains to the north, beaches are located in the middle and southern parts of Italy and due to its natural beauty makes it very pleasant to one's eyes as well as the plentiful vineyards, hills and the rivers in Venice.

Venice Canals

Some obvious landmarks of course are is the Colosseum in Rome, then the canals in Venice and the Florence Cathedral. Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea. Some major cities in Italy are of course Rome (2.65 million), Milan (1.3 million) and Naples (1 million)

A scenic picture of a ancient (restored) bridge in Rome.

Fun Fact: Romans were the first one's to have anything close to plumbing or as they say it "Plum-ba" and the sewage would go under bridges like show above and into the ocean.

The climate in Italy is a wet season then a dry season, the dry season (on average) happens in about May to September and the wet season (on average) the average rainfall in Italy is 832mm on average (as conducted by World Bank) the average temperature in Italy is 16 Degrees Celsius (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit to you Americans.) The effect this climate has on the business is the fact companies with full-time workers have to give full time workers 16 paid vacation days and provide workers an appropriate amount of time off, which most employees use this around Christmas or the summer.

The type of government implemented in Italy is a Republic, the most common religion is Roman Catholic with 90% with the remaining 10% being other. Foods in Italy that are popular include Kiwi's, Common Pizza, Pasta (650+ types of pasta) and Limes. Major ethnics: Italian, German, French and Slovene. Popular sports include and are not limited to Basketball, Tennis and cycling.

This is a Kiwi fruit cut open.

When in Italy, keep your wallet (and) or purse in a secure location at all time, Italians are renown for being effective pickpockets, that and you really don't want to lose your passports. It is very rude to insult someones mustache (even a woman's, yes i'm serious.) Modes of transportation in Italy include walking, cycling and narrowboat (used in the canals)


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