Handshake Academy Training for Faculty and Staff

Are you unsure about how to use a certain function in Handshake? If so, please see the links to the training videos below.

Introductory Courses

New to Handshake (53 mins)-In this course you will review the lessons most pertinent to those users joining a team already using Handshake

Implementation (9 courses) -This is your guided training for implementing Handshake

Marketing Handshake (30 mins)- Leveraging Handshake toolkit assets, understanding our logo guidelines, and maximizing social media to connect with users

Intermediate Courses

Importer Training (32 mins)- Getting your data into Handshake

Reporting and Analytics Training (77 mins)- Learn to leverage the Analytics tool within Handshake to gain access to your data and use it for your key outcomes

Experiences Training (68 mins)- Learning what the Experiences tool is, how to set it up, how to manage it, and how to use it for students

Managing Events

Kiosk Training (40 mins)- Exploring Handshake's Check-in Kiosk tool. This tool can be used for events, interviews, appointments, and career fairs

Virtual Career Fairs (120 mins)- In this course you will learn how to set up, manage, and report on your virtual career fairs hosted in Handshake

Graduate and Alumni Outreach

First Destination Survey Training (35 mins)- What the First Destination Survey (FDS) tool is, how to set up, manage, and deliver it to your students

Working with Alumni, Graduating, & Transfer Students (38 mins)- preparing for the successful transition of graduating seniors to alumni and managing that information in Handshake

Other Resources

How to Post a Job on Handshake-

How to Post an Event on Handshake-

Handshake Support Center- digital resource center where you can find the answers to your Handshake related questions

Virtual Fair Preparation Documents

Virtual Fair Complete Guide

Virtual Fair For Employers

Day of Fair Support

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