Superstitions-Amy By amy


To study carefully in deatail

The man analyzed by using a magnifying glass to see the tiny letters on the very old book


In great supply;easily available;more than enough

My family has a plentiful amount of food to eat


To concentrate

the girl was focusing on her teacher when she was teaching


A period of 100 years

A girl found these umbrellas in her old closet and looked like they have been in there for centurys


The striking of one object by another

The lightning hit the ground very hard that it was caught on fire it was very impact

Created By
Amy Campuzano


Created with images by pixel73 - "lucky clover four leaf clover klee" • qimono - "philatelist stamp collection stamp" • Couleur - "berries blueberries raspberries" • Peggy_Marco - "white male 3d model isolated" • familymwr - "Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - A Plumpish Proportion" • j_arred - "Lightning"

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