The Divine: Sara Bernhardt Deandra Rodgers

Spacial Experience

Attending "The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt" was my first time entering the Constans Theatre since enrolling at the University of Florida. Walking into the entrance from Reitz Union I was amazed by the art pieces that were in the the lobby. One in particular was the old movie projector next to the left auditorium entrance. The appearance alone makes me feel like i am in the 1920s watching an old black and white movie.

Projector in lobby by the left auditorium entrance

After getting my ID scanned for the performance I walked into the auditorium and it was an usher there to escort you to your seats with a pamphlet for the performance. I had the privilege of having the aisle seat in the first row of the mezzanine left. My seat actually gave me a good view of the performance and gave me a chance to interact with the actors during the introductory scene of the play. The appearance of the stage reminds me of watching an Oliver Twist movie with stained glass church windows. After the theatre got dark and quiet it was clear the play was about to start. The overall size of the auditorium made my experience of the performance extremely better than I expected. I was able to have a perfect view of the stage and with my seating I was able to hear the actors loud and clearly. The constans theatre was a perfect place to put on the performance put on the performance of "The Divine: A Play for Sara Bernhardt".

Constans auditorium appearance and set up

The Social Experience

Getting prepared for the performance was kind of easy in a way. I followed the directions provided by my instructor. Furthermore, I completed background research on the play and the comparison to the good life. Additionally, I got an understanding of the time period and the setting of the play. Although I initially attended the performance by myself the group of people sitting next to me were very friendly. We were able to feed off of each others ideas and perspectives of the play. I can admit watching the play with other people gave me the opportunity to understand how they feel about what was happening. This was way better than attending the play by myself and feeding off only my own knowledge.

Waiting in the lobby for the performance to start


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