6 Component Project Greece By:Ella BURKE


There were three important Geography/Cities were, Peninsula, Islands, Mountains. Mountains hurt Greece because farming was bad near them. Most of the Greeks settled into the farming communities. They settled there because then they can farm and grow crops. Most of the cities are located by water because then they can travel , fish, stay hydrated, and trade with other countries. Most Cities are located by the water because they are easy to get to and usually first places/place they see. Sparta and Athens were both located on the South coast of Greece.

Class Divisions

There were two class divisions there was citizens which were landowning males but in Sparta women could also become citizens and free and native born men. There was also non-citizens which included Slaves and foreign-born residents they continued to be excluded. Citizens were landowning males or in Sparta women. Citizens had many rights one of them was, they could gather in the agora to choose there officials and pass laws. They had the right to vote, hold office, own property, and defend themselves in court. Citizens had a duty to serve in the government and to fight for their polis as citizen solders. A polis Greek civilization was different, they were the first people to treat each other equally and to have the rights and responsibilities. Greeks have citizens and non-citizens instead of having different social classes. Greeks only divided into two class divisions and Egypt and others divide into more than two. Nobody had the right to vote or hold office they had to listen to the Pharaoh.


One style of Greek art was Dramas, Greeks were the first to have dramas they were plays evolving people they had different types including comedy, tragedy, and a lot more. Another style was Epics, epics was written art. Epics were poem what told about heroic deeds. Fables,fables were also a written form of art. Aesop was the first to write fables, fables are a short tale teaching a lesson. Architecture, architecture was not a lot different but a little different than now a days. Architecture is an art of designing buildings and structures. The most importation Architecture was the temple dedicated to a god or goddess. The best known example is the Parthenon. Art brought color and different building into Greece. There were many different types of art as I said at the top are only a few of the art styles. When art was in written form it taught them about there history and different traditions. When it was physically done it was there to entertain people. They used different masks to show who they were supposed to be. People still use art today once Alexander the Great died the empire brook apart but art stayed all because of the Hellenistic Era. People still go to the Parthenon today. Art is here today people still make sculptures and paint like they did then. The Greeks created some forms of Art like Fables and Drama's they started in Greece they had spread to all these countries because it has been passed on and on. They also spread to the Egyptian Kingdom, Macedonian Kingdom, Pergamum Kingdom, and Seleucid Kingdom.

Organized Goverment

Direct Democracy is where a lot of people come together to decide on something. An example is the U.S.A. A advantage is everyone has a voice, most ideas are shared. Some disadvantages are unhappy people, majority rules, most arguing, takes a long time. Representative Democracy is they vote for who could be in power. An example is Athens. A advantage is that it is a little bit easier to come to an agreement. A disadvantage is that it is still hard to get everyone to agree on one thing. The next type of government is Tyranny is where one person decides on something. A example is the Nazi Germany. Some advantages are, you have to do what the ruler wants ,everyone must listen , and no arguing. Some disadvantages are Fewer ideas,not everyone is involved, and some thing might be unfair. Last type of government is Oligarchy is were two to five people talk to decide on something. A example is Sparta. Some advantages are, more Ideas, more input to make decisions, opportunity to talk to people, some but less arguing. Some disadvantages are, rulers might not agree, some could be unhappy, rulers could be unwise. I think that Representative Democracy is the best style of government because then the people at least get a say on who is there leader and then people won't argue as much because they a least get a say in the decision.


Most believed in gods and goddesses. The Greeks believed that each person had a fate or destiny. Greeks believed that certain events were going to happen no matter what they did. They also believed in prophecy which is a prediction. Greeks believed that gods gave prophecies to people to warn them about the future in time to change it.

Writing Systems

For us the Greek alphabet is a word as to them representing a letter. Usually the first letter in the in the word would most likely be the letter.

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