Southern Utah Woodturners October 2021 Newsletter

Dedicated to promoting woodturning in Southern Utah through educational demos, classes & fellowship between members. "Learning Through Turning"

Our Club Meetings are both in person and on Zoom the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 am. In person is at Cedar City High School (703 W 600 S Cedar City, UT 84720) in the woodshop classroom (North Side of Building, use the back door by the large dust collector). The link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to members prior to meeting. Visit our website at https://www.southernutahwoodturners.com. Email us at suwtclub@gmail.com

An American Association of Woodturners Chapter Since May 2010

Message From the President

The future of your club will be made on Saturday November 13, 2021!

We have elections for both the president and vice president coming up in November. It’s closer than you think. Please be talking and thinking about what you can contribute to the club. We have redesign duties that were previously all done by Will to I believe we have like nine different people sharing the workload now.

Like many clubs we are currently experiencing a challenging time to get an additional people to run for elected office, this includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. For us to maintain our club membership in the AAW the officers must be members of the AAW.

We want to make sure that no one is hesitant about running for office because of the annual $60 expense in joining the AAW.

Bill Vincent - 206-979-3218

Officers & Contacts

Please send any submissions, corrections, or comments about the newsletter to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com

Special Notices

NEW! Please join the new SUWT Facebook Group! Here's the link to the Private Group on Facebook. You can use Facebook to share what you're working on, ask questions, encourage others, and learn about upcoming meetings and events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1026604004489417/

We are making the application for membership to Southern Utah Woodturners available on our website as well as including with the newsletter mailing as a separate attachment. Please mail form, with dues check ($30) for 2021, to Glenn Pearson at the address on the application so he may update our records for the membership roster.

Eric Walker has agreed to become the demo coordinator! He will be receiving requests from the membership, contact the person doing a demo, and scheduling of same. Ken Kofoed will be his assistant.


Locke Ettinger is offering wood from a retiring woodturner who is getting rid of lots of wood - aspen, cedar, etc with some already turned. You can contact him at 435-632-3116.

A Big Thank you to Lloyd Johnson of WoodturnerPro for his Segmented Presentation! Thanks to all who were able to join!

Projects Demonstrated: Lighthouse Peppermill, Porthole Ship's Wheel Clock, Thunderbird Feature Ring, The mysterious world of staves

Lathe Speed vs Diameter of Piece

Presented by Bill Vincent

This month Bill taught us the importance of lathe speed vs the diameter of the piece.

Bill also showed us how to create threads on lidded boxes.

In this month's Tips and Tricks, Leon guides us through Drive Centers.

Bill Vincent explaining The Dale Nish Formula for Lathe Speed. Bill is also demonstrating how to thread a lidded box

Websites, Tools & Products Discussed

Show and Tell

Members of the club are encouraged to submit photos and a description of the species and design of their work. Please submit these to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com no later than the 20th of each month.

Rheiner Jakel - Walnut Piece
Jack Gunn - Segmented Teacup and Saucer
Jack Gunn - Segmented and threaded lid box
Don Smith - Segmented Vase
Karl McMullin - Cherry Handled Knife
Vernile Prince - Skewers
Joe Peacock Cedar pieces
Joe Peacock - Nativity Scene from Sycamore


Tips and Tricks

Work Holding, Drive Centers By Leon Olson

Today there are a lot of drive center options. Typically, lathes come with a four prong drive center. We had the same four-prong drive center fifty years ago. Now the choice of drive centers depends on what you want to do.

There are woods that are hard enough that pressure from the tailstock is not enough to drive the prongs of a four prong drive center into the wood well enough to hold. If you use a four-prong drive center without using a mallet to drive it in, there is a chance it will fly off the lathe.

There are a number of types of drive centers. Each with their advantages and disadvantages. I no longer use the four-prong drive center except to check the alignment of the headstock with the tailstock. Michael Hosaluk likes the Oneway Safe Driver or cup drive because he does a lot of off center turning. If he has a catch, the wood stops and the drive just spins against the wood. The center is spring loaded. Alan Lacer likes the Safe Driver as well but he wants a little more traction so he grinds the three notches in the cup edge.

I have seen professional woodturners use two prong drives because they can rotate the drive until they get both prongs imbedded into the uneven surface.

Barbara Dill uses the small four prong drive for her smaller multi axis turnings because she can use less tailstock pressure. She also drives both the drive and the live center in for each center line she is using before she does any off center turning. Once she has started turning, there is not enough strength in the remaining wood to drive them in.

Some of the aftermarket four-prong drives are easier to imbed in the wood.

Sorby tools came up with the Steb drive which is my favorite. They come in multiple sizes and are used on both drive centers and live centers. The center point is spring loaded. At this point most manufacturers have their own version of the Steb drives for a lot less money. There are occasions when you have a catch and the drive keeps spinning and cuts like a saw. You just clean out the chips and start again.

When your blank is heavy enough, none of the drive centers shown above will have the grip to drive the blank. Your choice will be either a faceplate with screws which requires that the surface be flat and perpendicular to the spindle or you can use an Elio drive from the Woodturning Tool Store. https://woodturningtoolstore.com

I am certain there are many options and you could even make your own. Necessity is the mother of invention (or perhaps desperation).

If you have questions on this month's Tips & Tricks, email Leon Olson at leonolson@aol.com.

Why We Live in Southern Utah

Lowder Ponds & Cabins, Dixie National Forest, Near Brain Head. - Photo by Glenn Pearson

October 2021 Club Attendees - Both in Person and via Zoom

Will Arcularius, Bob Belkowski, Roger Bender, Jeff Blonder, Jack Gunn, Reiner Jakel, Grant Johnson, Vern Jensen, Paul Johnson, Ken Kofoed, Kelly Lundeen, Karl Mcmullin, Joe Peacock, Glenn Pearson, Jim Pope, Vernile Prince, Ken Ragsdale, Bruce Sharp, Don Smith, John Spevak, Bill Vincent, Eric Walker, Chuck Zimmerman

Items for Sale by Members

Please submit items for sale to Aaron Bryan (woodturnergeek@gmail.com) before the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter. If you have sold an item listed in the newsletter, please notify Aaron so he can remove it.

Please see attachments to the Newsletter email to see additional items for sale.

For Sale by Will Arcularius, 805-712-2174, arcwerks@scinternet.net

1) Makita Compound Sliding Miter Saw, 12", Model LS1214FL. Excellent Condition. Price: $345

2) Robert Sorby Thread Cutting System. Never Used. Have both the 16 TPI and 20 TPI cutters. See page 20 in Craft Supply Catalog. Sells for $129.95 - Will take $85.

For Sale by Bob Hansen, 928-347-5718, Nova Mercury Variable Speed Mini Lathe with bed extension, 1/2 HP, 8" swing over bed; 14" swing outboard. $300. For more info contact Bob directly.

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