Design Tech - Art Robot Michaela

We made a robot called Mr.Kool Kat. The robot can paint, wag his tail, and spin the barber pole on top.

First Sketch

This was the first sketch for the robot. We originally wanted to make the robot draw sunglasses. We also wanted to make the ears wiggle.


There were no changes made for the tail from the original design. We uses a pipe cleaner and attached it to a motor.

Paint Brush

We made a few changes from the original design. Another group suggested that we use a paintbrush instead of markers. We changed it because we bought the markers we too heavy and the wouldn't draw as well. We also added a piece of a sponge to the paintbrush, that also helped make a better design.

The paint brush has Velcro that is used to attach it to the motor. You can also take off the brush to use different colors.

Barber Shop Pole

The barrier shop pole was not in the original design. We wanted to make a head for the cat, but Howe decided to replace it with the pole. We used a glue stick and red and blue pip cleaners to make it. We also attached it to a motor so it can spin around.

Final Design

This was the final design of Mr. Kool Kat. The were three total functions, the tail could wag, the paint brush could draw, and the barber shop pole could spin.


This is the art to robot made. You can use all different colors to make the art. We used pink, purple, blue, and green in most of the designs.

Overall I think the robot was a success. It met all the requirements and had 3 main functions. One function was the the robot could make really cool art. Another was the it could wag its tail. And the last function was the the barber shop pole could spin. Making this robot was a great experience, I learned how to use motors, and more about hummingbird. It pushed me to use new skills and work with my partner. One thing that we could do with the sensors is waving your hand in front of it and the the robot can wave it't hand back.

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