customizing Blackboard menus asynchronous teaching

This presentation explains how to customize Bb menu bar that your students use to access class content, including readings, assignments, quizzes, etc.

*In the screenshots below, this menu is green.

Content Area

Blackboard gives you links to two generic Content Areas that store your class materials. They appear as "Content" and "Information" on the menu. If you wish to rename them, click on the arrow pointing down on the right.

Custom Content Area

Click on the icon that shows a plus sign within a circle located above the course name in your Bb.

Select Content Area from the list if you wish to add files, folders, assignments, etc.

Name the Content Area based on the content you intend to store there. For example, if you name it Assignments, your students will expect to find class assignments if they click on that link.

You can create as many content areas as you need.

Make sure to check "Available to Users"

Tool Link

Tools are Blackboard automated features (for example, discussion board, announcements, blog, or journal).

To add a direct link to the Bb Tool to your course menu, select the tool by clicking on the drop down menu, name the tool, and make it available to your students.

Web Link

If you wish to share a folder with your students from your Dropbox or Google Drive account, you may do so by adding a web link to your Bb menu.

You may insert any other URL using the web link.

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