Open Source'd A scrum inspired Book to a better life

All of us only get one shot at this life. None of us escapes alive. What follows is a simple to follow outline on how to get the most out of your personal relationships, marriages, parenting experiences, employment and inner personal dialog. Plain and simple, this is a no holds barred guide to getting stuff done, feeling great about yourself, and unlocking control of your body, your outcomes, and your near limitless potential no matter what age, background or belief system you are starting from.


Open sourcing your key relationships is all about turning the question around. How is my marriage? I don't know, let me ask my wife! For many important and often neglected parts of every key relationship you experience is the part that suggests the "other" person is often drastically more equipped than you are to report the state of the current relationship. Further it is the "other" person in your key relationships that has the keen insight you need to determine if you should adjust your sights a little more to the left or to the right regarding key metrics that matter to them. In a traditional relationship these metrics, their current read-outs, and any good model for continual feedback to help you "set your sights" on what success looks like from their perspective is missing. Once you begin to step into the simple framework that follows you will find those key allies, the "other" person in your favorite relationships, begin to unlock greater and greater levels of support that you (nor often they) had never even realized existed. Getting from a 2 or a 3 to a 7 or an 8 can occur in long weeks to short months regarding everything from inner personal dialog, to parenting, to marriage, to health, to wealth no matter where you are starting from. This framework isn't about getting a little better, or improving on things you already know. This is to get full on disruptive like Netflix to Blockbuster on how you talk to yourself, how you think about others, and what tools you have already in your toolbox no one told you about.

Want to be the best father, husband, mother, wife, parent, sibling, employee, boss you can be? Give me and you 5 pages to review proof that traditional approaches only worked during the time of a traditional world, and to present to you some of what the new world has uncovered for personal growth, relationship betterment and how we now believe "work" gets done.

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James Kies


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