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Hello, my name is Ashton. I researched Popular Trends. I was interested in this topic because a lot kids of course do Popular Trends. The purpose of my research was to see who participates in Popular Trends . I asked the question, "What Trends do students at Monroe Jr High think are popular?" To answer my research question I asked 9 people. The sample group was made up of all 7th graders. I avoided sample bias by using a random group generator.

Grade Level

I was expecting to find that students participate because I see them with different trends. I did find what I was expecting. Almost 90% of students participate in trends. I was surprised to find Water Bottle Flipping low because mostly in the entire world has done it. My survey did achieve its purpose. This is because I was able to find what I was looking for.

As a next step I would I would think of a new trend. If I was to do my survey again I would not change some of the questions.

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