History of our Lives. By Jonathan holtsclaw

found 2.5 or 65.5 Million years ago. Forming with the earths crust it formed this. While there is life with the Archean, There is Bacteria, and blue green algae. At the End of Haden Eon, The Earth was covered in the Ocean and Boiling Lava. forming Land.

Formed about 552 million years ago to 251 Million years ago. With this time it made earth better. during this time period it Made the life of plants spread and made it involve.

The Mesozoic era was around 248 million years ago to 65 million years ago and about 225 million years ago was the Jurassic period during the jurassic period. in the jurassic period it was hot. the earth was different waves were high there was no polar ice. The shapes of the climates were different and the life of earth was different, it was like a different world there from present time.

The Cenozoic ere only spanned for 65 million years. This was known as the age of mammals because around this time big animals went extinct, rhinoceroses and elephants appeared and started other animals to start living.


Created with images by 132369 - "vaulted cellar tunnel arches" • James St. John - "Jaspilite banded iron formation (Soudan Iron-Formation, Neoarchean, ~2.722 Ga; Stuntz Bay Road outcrop, Soudan Underground State Park, Soudan, Minnesota, USA) 36" • mypubliclands - "Prehistoric Trackways NM" • Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon National Park: Kaibab Formation 8904" • Ben124. - "Crystal Palace"

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