Mongolia and Taiwan By: Makayla DoRnbush and peightOn ChaVez


20th History of Mongolia

1906- Russian troops seized plots of land in Mongolia

1911- Qing Dynasty fell, declared their independence

1915- Russia, China and Mongolia signed a treaty establishing China as a sovereign over Mongolia

1920- Russian White guards invade Mongolia

1921- Russian Army drove Chinese out of Mongolia

Mongolia's Culture


Shamanism- which they worship the elements of nature , they pray to their ancestors who transformed into mythical spiritual animals.

Buddhism- followed since 16th




-Horse Racing

Which they are known for the Three Games of Men

Daily Life

-A daily life for a husband they will watch: Yaks, Horses, Cows, Sheep

- A daily life for a wife they are very busy with: cleaning, cooking, carding for the children, milking mares and cows at least 5 times a day's

- While they are drinking water they take sips every day


- becoming a more modern and vibrant economy

-Since the adoption of a new constitution in 1992, Mongolia has transformed from a closed society ruled by a repressive single-party Communist system into an open society and a dynamic multi-party democracy.


20th History of Taiwan

1927- Taiwanese People's Party, Taiwan's first political party, founded.

1951- Treaty of San Francisco officially signed by 49 nations; Japan officially renounced claims to Taiwan, but without designating a recipient.

1988- President Chiang Ching-kuo dies; Lee Teng-hui assumes the presidency.


- Taiwan’s population is mostly Han Chinese who were born on the mainland or have ancestors that were.

- The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, but because many Taiwanese are of southern Fujianese descent.

- Some traditional values remain strong, including toward parents, ancestor worship, a strong feeling on education and work


Daily Life

- Taiwan is made up of a group of 78 island.

- April- September is hot and humid that has some frequent rain.


- Taiwan is a dynamic multi-party democracy and its economy is one of the richest in Asia.


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