World war 2 Evan liAkos

Before ww2 happened

Before it happen adolf hittler he through over the the kings goverment. And the people where fine with it. January 30 1933

The main reason that America joined is because of when Japan atacked peal harbor. December 7 1941

When Germany invaded Russia in june 22 1941 they push through like a mope on the floor but when they got closer to Moscow they where push back. Stalin had regained his forces after the Great War and push the nazis out of Russia and the Russians pushed to Berlin.

D day was on June 6 1944 this invasion was filled with the amaricans andBritish.

The war ended on September 2 1945.


Created with images by eriger - "ww2 airplane france" • The U.S. Army - "D-Day: The Normandy Invasion"

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