Train ride PRESIDENT accused

(P.S) don't mind the errors

I looked over at my mom and cached her looking at me ,nodding we've arrived just for a second I saw a man dressed in black jump over the alleyway I didn't care. when it was our turn to get off we speed walked to the park I saw fireworks and rows of chairs in front of a stage full of red ,white and blue. Then I started looking for my friends and saw lots of people and guards. the ushers sat everyone down the speech began...

After a minute you could hear helicopters in the distance and Hillary started walking to her car and the helicopters came and S.W.A.T doped from them and started searching for Hillary. Hillary started crawling to her car and the man on the roof shot her car and her car exploded. Hillary got accused for stealing 1 billion dollars from the New York bank and stealing nuke codes to destroy America. the person on the stage showed the whole world two videos ,the first video was Hillary hiring a gang to rob the New York bank. The second video was Hillary talking to the leader of a Russian terrors group about when she becomes president she will nuke America and she showed the nuke codes. I told my mom I will stay behind with my friends so I saw the helicopters come back and people climb up the ropes and fly away. when I started walking back to the train station I saw the man on the roof wearing a nice leather jacket nod at me and jump over the alleyway again. once I got on the train I heard everyone talking about voting for Trump once I got home my dad came 10 minutes after us and he was wearing a nice leather jacket. all night I watched the election and trump won by 30 million votes and the wall started.

the end


Created with images by tjabeljan - "SanFrancisco152" • Michael Vadon - "President of the United States Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon" • Photograhy by Katie E - "IMG_7744" • Michael Vadon - "President of the United States Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon"

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