Francophone Countries By: Eisha Chahal

Flags of Francophone Countries

This is the provincial flag of Quebec, Canada.
This is the national flag of Switzerland.
This is the national flag of France.
This is the national flag of Belgium.
This is the national flag of Haiti.
This is the national flag of Canada.

Famous Landmarks of Francophone Communities

This is The Eiffel Tower, which is located in Paris, France. This famous landmark brings people from all over the world to come and see this spectacular sight. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from about 68 kilometers away which is beneficial for people who live in Paris to see The Eiffel Tower from a far away distance.
This is the Swiss Alps which is located south of Bern and Luzern in Switzerland. This famous landmark is one of the highest mountains in the Alps at the height of 15,744 feet. Skiing, hiking and swimming are some of the many activities visitors to the Alps do in their spare time. The Swiss Alps has a beautiful sight of the mountains and of the greenery.
This is the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) located in Quebec City, Canada. This iconic hotel of ice is a very popular attraction most visitors in Quebec want to see. All the suites, rooms, items and even decorative decor is all made out of ice. The entire hotel in insulated with the temperatures of -3 to -5 degrees celsius. The hotel opens in the beginning of January and usually closes in early March. Also, when sleeping on the ice bed, visitors would have to wear big coats and warm clothing to sleep on the bed just so they wouldn't be freezing throughout the night.
This is the Grand Place which is located in Brussel, Belgium. This central square is a place to see the buildings from the 17th century. Buildings like the city's Town Hall or the Museum of the City of Brussels are located in the Grand Place. At night, the square is lit up with lights all across the exhibit and it is a beautiful sight to see. This is an amazing place to visit for people who love history and law from the 17th century.
This is the Labadee which is located on the northern coast of Haiti. The shore by the beach is like a private resort for travellers and is an amazing place to visit. Activities like snorkeling, ziplining and biking are some of the things travellers do in Labadee. A cruise ship is also apart of the resort where you can take a tour of the beautiful resort.

Interesting Facts About Francophone Countries

Canada is a beautiful country with an interesting culture of food, clothing and events. Some of the dishes people eat in Canada are poutine, pancakes with maple syrup, Tim Hortons Timbits and coffee, and much more. One of the events that is important in Canada is Canada Day. Canadians all throughout the country come outdoors to celebrate the discovery of Canada and the starting point of people living in Canada. There are also other events like The Quebec Carnaval and Victoria Day.
France has an amazing culture to their beautiful countries and cities. Some of the foods the French people eat are crepes, croissants, macaroons, and other bakery items. Some of the most popular events in France are the Tour de France where cyclists cover 3,600 kilometers of land with a different route every year. There are also other events like Mardi Gras, Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival.
Switzerland is a beautiful country with an amazing land a culture. Some of the typical Switzerland foods are cheese fondue which is melted cheese on bread cubes, raclette which is melted cheese with baked potatoes, rosti which is a flat hot cake with baked potatoes and hot butter, and much more. There are events like the International Balloon Festival where for 8 days at the end of January, where 80 hot air balloons are sent from over 20 different countries. The different styles of hot air balloons are seen over the Swiss Alps for everyone to see. There are also other events such as Grindelwald World Snow Festival, Interlaken Classic Music Festival, and others.
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