Restaurant Design BY: VICTOR LU -TGG3M1-01-


My store name is "Happy Grillmore". I was given creative freedom as to what the store sold and what the store produced. The store is located near Yonge Street and Bloor Street. I decided to make "Happy Grillmore" a gourmet wiener restaurant. The restaurant sells wieners that have been prepared by chefs to be served to customers. The food consists of different types of wieners and the different ways that the wieners are prepared. This may include marinating and incorporating different types of food with the wiener. The food that is sold at "Happy Grillmore" is not meant to fill, but instead to be enjoyed.


I chose to make my logo simple and sleek. I purposely used a minimalistic design to promote the classy image of Happy Grillmore. The font and the bare design of the logo makes the restaurant seem very simple. I did not want to overcomplicate the logo since I wanted to make the restaurant seem like a black tie place, hence the colours of the logo. I did not want to add pastel colours since I did not want to make it seem like it was very lively. I wanted to let the customer know that the purpose of the food is meant to enjoy, not to fill. I incorporated the hot dog in the logo to further instill the sort of food that is served. The logo I created solidifies the restaurant's target audience and shows the uniqueness of Happy Grillmore.

During the creation of my logo, I could not find any fonts that would be able to suit the occasion. Luckily, the Internet has many websites that offer free fonts for any user. I used this to my advantage and managed to find the current font that is on my logo. I also did not know how to incorporate a wiener into my piece. I asked Ms. Yamashita for help during the analysis of my thumbnails, and she deduced that a hot dog should be sufficient to show customers what the restaurant offered. All my problems were subsequently solved after I encountered them.

I personally think that the best part of designing my logo was the direction that I could take it. Graphic design allows people to take an idea and put their own personal flourish on it. This project allowed me to put my own personal flourish, from the font to the minimalistic design that I approached. The idea of a grilled food store was given to me, and I was able to change that grilled food store into a classy gourmet wiener restaurant. I was given and idea and I used that idea to convert everything into a way of approaching an idea. This project is also good because it showed me that everything can be formed when you add your own personal flourish, whether it be a grill store or a gourmet restaurant. Every idea is just a grill store waiting to be changed by someone's approach and flourish.

Next, I would actually like to try to recreate pre-existing logos into new ones. I think that with these new skills that I have gained, it would actually be fun to reimagine current logos. Since I learned that everyone's approach to something is different, it might be interesting to see how everyone approached something. I would like to show how everyone's thought process is different and that human imagination has no boundaries that people have to be constrained to. I think that this may show that human creativity will always be different, or maybe it won't. Maybe some people's thought processes are alike and they may come up with the same logo, but this exploration into imagination and creativity is what I would like to do next with my newly gained skills.


I noted the minimalistic design of Nike and how distinct it is. I also noted that most things that are minimalistic appeal to getting the point across without overcomplicating things. The designs usually have very limited colours, and very limited shapes.


*I wasn't able to upload the Illustrator File, but I put the actual picture instead*



Final Drawing

Final Product


Created with images by Yuya Tamai - "Restaurant"

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