Canada 2041 Making Our Country Sustainable Again!

In Canada there are many things that make our country sustainable but also has other benefits that help us save money, keep us safe and also boosts our economy. I have been doing my research and have been looking at multiple ideas to help save money and help out the residents of Canada. Me and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Son of Pierre Trudeau, have looked at new improvements for the 21st century so that we can help out the youth, workers and seniors as much as we can.

Conferencing with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Renewable Energy

In each of our provinces, we pay a ridiculous amount of money each month for our electricity and water bills. Ontario pays on average $150 a month on our electricity each month, the third highest bill in Canada and among our provinces/territories. A way we can make our cities more sustainable is by collecting, creating and importing in Renewable energy. Why I think that we should do this is because at the moment, Canada uses to much Non-renewable energy which is not bad but it does effect our health, environment and animals. Nonrenewable energy affects the environment a lot and nonrenewable energy is not a sustainable resource that we can only rely on which will then eventually make us run out of these resources. In the long run, when there is not a big supply left of Nonrenewable energy it would be harder for use to produce and get this energy which would force Canadians to pay higher costs on their energy bills and make lots of folks upset and not very pleased. However, if we were to use Renewable energy, everything would be more sustainable, cost less and help out our areas and provinces within the country. This would help out with the environment by having less pollution and clean air, the water would be much cleaner and more money can be saved for our government since Renewable energy itself is self-sustainable. Further, Renewable energy is all used with natural things which makes it self-sustainable, like biomass, geothermal, wind, solar, etc. For example, in Toronto there is only one windmill that can help produce clean energy which has helped the residents very much. Windmills are very effective and create lots of energy were it can run by itself and not cost lots of money for the government since it was save cash. A windmill it self can make 13% of the energy in a city so imagine if we added a few more. It is really impressive because this change Canada and also will last for generations. This is just one of many ways the Renewable energy is self-sustainable and is Eco-friendly. Renewable energy will allow our population to breathe in healthier and more natural air as well as having cheaper and cleaner renewable energy, our water and forests will be clean because of the renewable energy which would make air cleaner and also renewable energy would be our primary resource for Canada where that would change our society and new look of the 21st century.

More Immigrants & Younger Population

A problem that we have in Canada is that we have too many people between the ages of 50 - 54. The problem with this however is that this affects the growth of our nation. Since our country is so developed, there are less young families in new couples in Canada. 8% of residents in Canada are between the ages of 50 - 54 which is over 2.9 million, the biggest group and 38% of residents in Canada are 50+ which is over 13,750,000. In 2100, many websites like say that in 2100, the population of our country will be less than 50 million people based on how much youth and parents we have. Our country has many retired workers as well where we need to boost the work economy. That is why my plan by year 2041 is to have 8 million young residents such as new married couples or young families. This will allow us to have a younger population and more baby boomers that can help our country with not only a younger population but also allows us to meet and welcome new immigrants from around the world to come to our country which is fantastic because it would bring more religions and people together. Why I think this is because when us teenagers will be done school and looking for a job, we will have to pay a lot of taxes because of the elders that are 50+. By that time, they will be much older and also develop many sicknesses and we will be the main force in the economy because we are young. So we will have to pay for all those elderly's health care, pension, etc. The immigrants that would come in can help out our nation by doing jobs like extracting, exporting and importing resources that our country needs as well as having more transportation workers and also have teens help out with volunteering in clubs or cities that help collect trash and support the environment. We need more people that can help Canada with trading and buying more resources that our country lacks and also needs such as technology and renewable energy like wind as well as solar energy. For transportation, many think that we should have more transpiration which is true but many have a tough time getting transportation jobs based on not many locations and positions already filled. This is why me and Minister Trudeau are looking to build and expand transportation areas that need it the most or have been requesting for it. We also need more teens or students to help out with picking trash, feeding animals and keeping water clean in our ecosystems like forests. Many students, especially high school students litter and don't help out simply because they don't care. I look to change that in our high schools and elementary schools by having park rangers coming and talking to them about dangers and problems in a school assembly. That is why I look for these students to help and do whats best for their environment.

New Canadian Immigrants Arriving In Toronto

Reducing Canada's Carbon Footprint

In Canada and across the globe, Carbon Footprints are known to have giant Carbon Footprints. A Carbon Footprint is a sign that shows how environmental a person or country is. If there forests are clean with no trash, the air quality has very little pollution or landfills have a little bit of garbage. This can make a person or country much more clean. Reducing our ecological footprint can be very hard because things like our car, heating the house and running water are mandatory however these items are vital and also mandatory resources for people across the globe. Buying cars that run on solar panels or getting a well in your backyard are expensive items and also a huge life investment. These items can add to our ecological footprint and change our life with a positive effect. Although these new items can help out, they may not be accessible to others and if we didnt have what we already have we would go in a bad direction. For example, without a car it would make it a lot harder to get places like work, to the mall, the bank, and the grocery store. All things we use to get to places are usually needed with some sort of fuel and they are necessaries in our life. Without fuel or fossil fuels, we would not be able to run machines, cars or other items properly. These are all examples of how we use our ecological footprint and how big of a number it must be. To solve our problem of how big our ecological footprint is, I feel that our ecological footprint is big because of how our cities are made. Maybe if our cities were made more Eco-friendly, than us Canadians would not need to be so harmful to the environment. To make our city more Eco-friendly I would make it so that it is easier to get to places, and so that we don’t have to harm the environment by always needed to small things like walking to the grocery store to get groceries. Reducing the size of our Carbon Footprint can solve problems like

More Resources For Canadian Cities

A major problem our government faces is that we have our cities expanding with more people however this causes lots of effects on our environment because of areas that are needed for houses, apartments and condos. In my opinion, urban sprawl is good for everyone, and benefits everyone as well, however we should never disturb the peace of the environment in the process. Some cities would try their best not to destroy the environment and keep the living organisms safe. Although they try to do this, they still manage to destroy the ecosystem because they would build around it, and it is still the same which is unhealthy for the environment. Another problem we have is that we use too much of one resource and we only rely on that resource whereas we can use a variety of each resource because our country is able to get their hands on any resource that is needed the most. My solution is that we try to collect as many resources as we can, and we do two things with them, one we could try to trade with other countries so that we can make our cities more Eco-friendly. Secondly, we could use those resources to try and make our future cities more sustainable and Eco-friendly. To make our cities more Eco-friendly we should try by not harming the environment but we should also try implementing this to our cities.

Video: Natural Resources: Click Here

Prime Minister Trudeau and I hope to complete and achieve our goals for the good of our country. We look to have our environment safe, our children and residents happy and bring in new people and faces into our nation. Sincerely, Kurrun S. Gill


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