Going Bovine Chapter 6-8

What is Going on Chapter 6-8

  • Cameron Smith was awaken by his mother banging at his door. He wasn't having it with his mother telling him to wake up just to get ready and do his job. She tried her best but like her son said "This is so not my mom. She's like me driftwood."
  • When he finally woken up like only a hour and 15 minture, but he was late to his job. While he was getting ready all of the sudden He remember last night with that feather greating "HELLO" either he was really high that he was imagining things or something is going to happen and it not going to be pretty. Most likely loosing his sanity.
  • Cameron finally got to his job thank to his mom and that crappy brown box car dropping him off. His boss and manager was not having it with his attuide and mood swing.
  • I guess Cameron realized it wasn't a win win situation for him because he saw the girl that go to the same school as him. Staci Johnson and her little groupies was just messing with him until out of no where he lost control to their drinks to the point he got fired. He started seeing angel
  • Cameron dad decided for his family to have dinner together at Luigi however both the twins (Jenna and Cameron) low-key don't want to go by Jenna is going to the movies with Chet and the gang while Cameron doesn't care. However their dad wisdom of words convince them to go
  • While the dinner was awkward, Jenna mention that she wanted to go to this ski trip with Chet sadly for her she can't go A) her parents can't afford it and B) there is no way she is going to used her college saving all over a ski trip
  • The table have turn to Cameron by his father wanting his son to be good at school and with himself but he was not having it " I know you want me to give up on you Cameron. But I'm just not built that way"
  • They went to the strip mall after the dinner while Cameron got the warning about the world is ending from homeless dude wearing a tinfoil hat
  • Cameron wasn't feeling good though the pot heads said he must have eaten the mushroom, but it wasn't it like this was for real deep and he doesn't know what is happening
  • He end up making a huge scene in the Spanish class with the cussing and the outburst to the point where he punch Chet and got school suspension
  • His punishment was the door ripp off his room and see a shrink and the drug counselor, grounded for like and his sister just banish him from her life

Chapter 6-8 Vocab Words

  • Sullenly- gloomlify, resentfully silent
  • Cruified- put to death on a cross
  • Receded- Grew fainter and fainter
  • Foreign- Belonging to a different country
  • Bronze- Metal made from mixture of copper and tin
  • Cubits- Ancient unit of lengtg about 28 inches
  • Redemption- state of release from blame
  • Chronicles- historical accounts
  • Heathen uncivilized or irrelgioius person

Response to Chapter 6-8

I have believe that Cameron have something that is wrong with him mentally, however he thought the feather have written the word "HELLO" but it was vanish by the time he have woken up. When he was at his job like really late, karma got to him with Staci Johnson and her little groupies messing around with him by their orders. All of the sudden he went willy woker and spill drinks on Staci and he saw wings big fluffy things. There was this homeless man at the strip mall was having a converstion with him saying the world is ending coming soon after the awkward dinner with the family. Now he is having a scene in the Spanglish class by bursting out and cussing out and punch a former jock got supsened got banish by his family. He got grounded for like all because there is something wrong with him.

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