Memorial Inscriptions H-J (In process across all four burial areas)

This photo from Yard Two, downhill from the churchyard is part of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Living Churchyard scheme.

Anne Hambly, 31st Oct, 1798 aged 43. Anne Hampton, 10th June 1804 aged 62. Elizabeth Hampton 9th April 1799, aged 39. Ralph Hampton, 22nd 1809, killed in mine.

Sacred to the memory of JANE, the wife of Richard Hambly of this parish who died 5th of September 1844 aged 47 years. Also of Thomas their son who died April 2nd 1874 aged 54 years. Also to the memory of RICHARD HAMBLY of Carnhell Green who died in Manchester 1877 aged 90 years.

JOHN HAMBLY of this parish who died December 3rd 1854 aged 65 years. Also of ELIZABETH,his wife who died May 19th 1843 aged 56 years. Also of RICHARD their son who died Jan. 3rd 1844 aged 23 years. Also of WILLIAM their son who died Oct. 14th 1844 aged 26 years. Also of JANE LYTTLETON their daughter who departed this life Sept. 21st 1862.

Dorothy Hamill, aged 20 interred Sept 10th 1802: James Hamill aged 66, Sept.2nd 1807:Jenefer Hamill, an infant. April 22nd, 1800: William Hamill aged 71 years, 29th Sept. 1802.

J.J. HAMPTON and A.HARRIS (Lychgate War Memorial)

PETER WILLEY HARRIS died May 8 1912 aged 62. Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN died April 7 1940 aged 90. In heavenly love abiding.

Charlotte E. Harry wife of James Pooley died Jan.22nd 1882 aged 20 years. Also of Henry, their son died Feb. 20th 1921 aged 41 years.

SIBBELLA, beloved wife of Charles Harry, who died May 16th 1901 aged 78 years. Also of the above CHARLES HARRY who died at Westergates, Penarth. April 2nd 1907 aged 88 years.

ANNIE HARVEY of Landon widow of William harvey of Wall died July 7th 1934

CHRISTINA HARVEY Born Oct 6th 1781. Died June 2nd 1863. Also Richard Harvey Born August 18th 1778 Died Jan. 4th 1847

HONOR HARVEY aged 43, October 17, 1800

broken stone -17 months Also ELIZABETH HARVEY who died March 31st 1892 aged 86 years.

E.J.HARVEY (LYCHGATE wat Memorial) Air mechanic 2nd class R.N.A.S. F46731 H.M.S. President 22nd Feb. 1918 aged 20 He died that we might live.
The burial place of JOHN HARVEY and members of his family.
JOHN HARVEY, formerly of this Parish, who established the foundry at Hayle. Died 1803 aged 73 years. JOANNA PEARCE His widow, died 1807aged 73 years.HENRY their son, who died 1850 aged 75 years after active life in which. he largely developed the Harbour of Hayle together with the foundry and the trade at that port. JOHN HARVEY died 1783 aged 23 years .WILLIAM died !788 aged 26; FRANCIS died 1790 aged 22; ELIZABETH died 1848 aged 69 years children of John and Joanna Harvey. CLEMENTINA (JACOBI) 1st wife of NICHOLAS OLIVER HARVEY, died 1847 aged 39 years. ANN his wife, daughter of JOHN and JOANNA HARVEY died 1808 aged 37years and their children,FRANCIS, died 1812 aged 17 years. JOHN died 1815 aged 17 years, HENRY, died 1817 aged 18 years, NANNY,died 1840 aged 40.

JANE HARVEY. In loving memory of JANE daughter of J. and M. E. Harvey of Henver who died Feb. 17th 1939 aged 37 years and Lillian aged 64 years.

JOHN HARVEY who fell asleep at ‘Henver’ July 29 1934 aged 78 years.R.I. P. Also MARY. E., his wife died July 7 1948 aged 89 years.

WILLIAM HARVEY beloved husband of Ruth Harvey, who died at Calloose, Gwinear Dec. 3rd 1904 aged 59 years. Also WILLIAM THOMAS, their son who died June 20th 1937 aged 42years.Also EDWARD, their son who died Feb. 2nd 1918 aged 18 years. ‘Until the day break’

WILLIAM HARVEY of Carzise who departed this life March 30th 1883 aged 74 years. Also of his beloved wife MARY HARVEY who departed this life April 13th 1895 aged 83 years.

HARRY, beloved husband of Mary J. Hawkins, who lost his life on S.S.Vestris Nov..12 1028

JOHANNA HEATH of this parish who departed this life 2th October 1867 aged 96 years.
CHRISTOPHER HENDRA who died Nov.25th 1885 aged 73 years ,Also of GRACE HENDRA wife of the above died Oct. 19th 1904 aged 92 years.
Elizabeth, the wife of John Hendra of this parish who died the 25th 0f April 1845 aged 49 years. Also the above John Hendra died October 27th 1868 aged 78 years.
The Churchman

HEHRY HENDRA Died 14th July 1819 aged 35 years. He was an honest, sober and industrious Miner; whose constant attendance within these sacred walls at the hours of public worship, procured him the distinguishing Epithet of ‘The Churchman’.

WILLIAM HENDRA who departed this life July 11th 1874. aged 56 years.’Iwill ransom them from the power of the grave;.Iwill redeem them from death.’ Hosea X111..14

Hatch memorial

HENRY HOCKEN who died December 21st 1874 and to his wife CAROLINE who died December 9th 1885. This monument is erected in loving remembrance by their children.

Elizabeth Hockin, July 21st 1802, aged 15 years. (Variolis) Smallpox.

In loving memory of MATILDA, wife of John Hocking, died August 16th 1910 aged 60 years and of JOHN HOCKING, died Dec. 24th 1950 aged 99 years.


V. HOCKING (Lychgate War Memorial.

Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Eleanor, wife of Thomas Hodge of Angarrak in the Parish of Phillack who departed this life 6th Sept 1829 aged 43 years. Her virtues were retired, like tender plants thato shun the touch; she socketed the shade , and with each softer grace she was endued. A child, a wife, a mother and in all these dear relations of domestic life her virtues shone predominantly bright. Also of Thomas Hodge, husband of the above who died on the 17th day of April 1870 aged 92. He lived the embodiment 0f Christian virtues, a devoted husband, the best of fathers, and died trusting in Jesus.
WILLIAM HODGE. of Tregortha in this parish who died February 22nd 1844 aged 72 years also of ANN,his wife, who died Oct. 16th1852 aged 78years. Also of ELIZABETH,their daughter who died Feb. 9th 1840 aged 36 years.Also of Ann their daughter who died March 22 1834 aged 28 years.

In loving memory of ANNIE, the beloved wife of Zacharia Holman who died at Carnhell, May 14th 1906.aged 53 years. 'Thy will be done'. Also ZACHARAIH HOLMAN, died May 6. 1926 Aged.69 years Also Joseph Hooper, 50, 27th Jan. 1804

MARY, the beloved wife of Edward Hoskins of this parish who died May 6th 1886 aged 70 years.Also of the above EDWARD HOSKEN who died July 1st 1899 aged 83years.JAMES HOSKING who departed this life September 26th 1835 aged 66 years. Weep not for me my wife and children dear. Before the Lord our God we must appear.And we to Him a strict account must give. Whether on earth we in His laws did live. Also Catherine, daughter of the above who died June 4th 1823. Aged 12 years. Also Ann, his wife who died January 8th 1854 aged 80 years.

JOHN HOSKING, who died at Camborne. Nov 15th 1882 aged 66 years. Also of HANNAH, his beloved wife, who died Dec. 21st 1881 aged 63 years.’ I’ve done with the world, I’m going home to be forever with the Lord,

HENRY HUTHNANCE who departed this life on the 10th day of January 1838 aged 57 years. Also of his two sons HENRY HUTHNANCE the first died on the 27th day of July 1826 aged 7 months and 2 weeks. HENRY HUTHNANCE the second, died on the 13th day of Sept. 1827 aged 8 weeks.

HENRY HUTHNANCE born at Drannack of this parish and departed this life November 13th 1864 aged 85 years Also MARY HUTHNANCE wife of the above, born at St. Buryan and departed this life January 16th 1864 aged 71 years. Also of MARY POOL who departed this life April 7th 1877 aged 51 years.

JOHN HUTHNANCE who died on the 16th of February 1867 aged 53 years. Also JANE his wife who died at Penzance December 18th 1896 aged 79 years. She is where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest.
THOMAS HUTHNANCE Late of Roseworthy in this parish who died February 25th 1855 aged 74 years. Also of MARY, his wife who died February 25th 1823 aged 33 years, whose remains reinterred in this church.

Jane Ingram, aged 63, subito Jan.19th 1800:John Ingram,77, August 8th, 1804: Nancy Ingram, an infant, Feb. 18th 1807: :William Ingram, an infant Feb. 26th 1800,

Ruth Ingram August 6th,1800 aged 65.

WILLIAM JACKSON of Lemin, Gwinear who departed this life March 23rd 1900 aged 71 years. Also of CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH rhe beloved wife of the above who departed this life October 3rd 1898 aged 64 years.

Cecil (Jim) JAMES

Elizabeth James, aged 69, June 17th, 1807

C. James (Lychgate War Memorial), JAMES JAMES who departed this life May 14th 1859 aged 15 years.

JAMES JAMES who died May 31st 1888 aged 64 years. ELIZABETH ANN, his wife died June 21st 1918 aged 82

JOHN JAMES (Private of the D,C.R.V. Camborne) who departed this life July 31st 1867 aged 27 years.

W.JAMES (Lych gate War Memorial)
WILLIAM CHARLES JAMES who died 20th December aged 9 years.
WILLIAM JAMES 0f Breage 1817-1885, his wife CHRISTIANA JAMES of St Hilary 1819-1863. Erected by their children AD MDCCCXC.

JOHN JENKYN died April 12th 1821 aged 8 months.—-departed this life 1826—-MA — who died May - 1833- aged 3 years —-_——-Jenkyn. of this parish, also HENRY JENKYN husband of the above May— 1840 aged 25 years.


EDWARD, son of CAPTAIN EDWARD and JENEFER JENNINGS who departed this life September 5th 1875 aged 69 years 5 months and 9 days.This tablet is erected by four surviving sons and one daughter in memory of their beloved father.

EDWARD JENNINGS, the son old JOHN and MARY JENNINGS of this Parish who departed this life the 17th of April 1820 aged 42 years. Also THOMAS JENNINGS died December 27th 1855 aged 73 years. Also ANN, wife of the above. Died March 9th 1869 aged 84 years. Also JOHN, son. of the above died Feb 26th 1873 aged 63 years.

JANE, the daughter of JOHN and MARY JENNINGS who departed this life the 12th day of November 1806 aged 21 years.Likewise of JANE who departed this life November 1809 aged one year. Also HENRY who diedMarch 1814aged 2 years. Children of EDWARD and JENIFER JENNINGS.

JOHN JENNINGS who departed this life in hope of a joyful resurrection the 27th day of March 1807 aged 70 years

ELIZABETH JOB who departed this life Dec. 16th 1841 aged 84 years.

CATHERINE JOHNS b. Sep.14. 1837 d. Dec. 12 1906. CHRISTIANA GOLDSWORTHY b. July 10 1855. d. July 6 1918. Sorrow vanquished. Labour ended. Jordan past.

JOSIAH JOHNS of this parish died Dec. 10th 1890 aged43 years. Also of ISABELLA his wife died at St Day Oct. 4th1920 aged 71 years.

RICHARD JONES of Baripper died Dec.25th 1893 aged 53 years, and BEATRICE ANNE his daughter born June 18th 1875. died August 18th 1875. Asleep in Christ. and of his son RICHARD HENRY JONES died Nov. 27.1898 aged 15 years.

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