EDM A Textual Analysis


  • I have been involved with the EDM community for a several years as a fan and concertgoer as well as a DJ and producer.
  • Worked as a promoter for several event companies, seen both sides of the industry.
  • Attended over 20 major EDM shows/festivals.
  • Some day hope to get a spot to attend the Holy Ship Festival.


I predict that festivals will be the most discussed topic in regards to the topic of EDM due to the coming summer months and the rise in overall number of festivals and events across the country.


  • Festival
  • Summer
  • Dance
  • Lineup
  • Music


  • EDM
  • Release
  • Date
  • New
  • News
  • Posted/post
  • comment
  • reply
  • Comment
  • Comments
  • All of the months


  • http://www.youredm.com/news/
  • http://edm.com/articles
  • https://djmag.com/news
  • http://mixmag.net/news
  • http://www.dancingastronaut.com/news/
  • http://thissongissick.com/section/news
  • https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx
  • http://thedjlist.com/news/
  • http://www.edmsauce.com/news/
  • http://www.dancerebels.com/category/news/


Top Words

  • Music (121)
  • House (61)
  • DJ (51)
  • Festival (45)
  • Top (43)

My Words

  • Festival
  • Summer
  • Dance
  • Lineup
  • Music

Large word: Music (121)

Small Word: Video (19)

Video was surprising to me because I assumed that the sources would only be discussing music, given that they are all music websites. However, I could see how it might come up if the discussion is focused on music videos.

What this means...

  • I was sort of right, but not really.
  • Although festivals and summer shows were clearly a part of the discussion, they were not the main topic of discussion, which turned out to be the music itself.
  • Voyant seems to pick up on words that are used more as fillers rather than main topics of discussion
  • This is a time sensitive subject. As we get in to the actual summer months, the conversation is likely to shift more towards the direction of festivals and lineups, it may just be a little too early right now.
  • This is where the computer element is necessary. We see a bigger overall picture whereas textual analysis tools such as Voyant take things very literally and present facts based on the information present, giving us a much more defined and accurate picture of what is really being discussed.

Thank you!


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