Africa is not a jungle By Ramat T Mohammed

Yes there are beach houses

There seems to be a preconceived notion that Africa is this jungle-like place where people do not speak English and jump from tree to tree. I am not joking. An adult, who you expect to at least have the capacity to be less ignorant than others, once asked me if people jumped from tree to tree in Africa. That statement was both idiotic and condescending and I was left with no choice but to walk away. I am repeatedly bombarded with irritating questions that compel me to slightly lose faith in the intelligence of people. They ask me, "do you see a giraffe outside of your window when you wake up?" or "isn't Africa a country?" I can understand the mere curiosity one might have after hearing of another place someone has been and that all information is not evident about that place, but surely most high school students should know that Africa is a continent. I am not asking for my friends to know every country in Africa, the types of food we eat, or even whether English is the main language in some countries, but I need them to understand that development spreads to other parts of the world and that means that, yes there are movie theaters, and yes there are malls. In fact, there is a KFC and a pizza hut in Ghana and, yes all these things are NOT knock of versions of the original. So please do not be surprised when a kid from Africa has an Iphone 7 in his hands or a pair of yeezys on his feet.

Yes there are highways
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Ramat Mohammed


Created with images by George Appiah - "Independence Arch - Accra, Ghana" • paularps - "African Royal Beach hotel in Accra (Ghana 2005)" • George Appiah - "Tetteh Quashie, Accra, Ghana"

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