Mansa Musa Matthew boersma

Backround Information

Mansa Musa was born in 1280, in the Mali Empire. He was the fourteenth century emperor of the Mali Empire. He is also the Medieval African ruler most known to the world outside Africa. In 1312 he became emperor following the death of his predecessor Abu-Bakr II. When crowned, he was given the name Mansa, which means King.

Mansa Musa ruled for 25 years, then he died in 1337.

This is Abu-Bakr II, the leader of Mali right before Mansa Musa.

Achievements and Legacy

  • He made a Legendary Pilgrimage to Mecca - This pilgrimage was one of the most significant accomplishments of his life. The pilgrimage made it clear that the wealth of the Mali Empire was enormous.
  • His Wealth Created Inflation - Musa gave gold and extravagant gifts lavishly. Since he did that, gold actually decreased in value. In the end, Musa gained back at least some of the gold he gave away.
  • Many Famous Structures went up During his Lifetime - Throughout Timbuktu and Gao, Musa set up a number of educational centers and mosques. Architects came from both Spain and Cairo, in order to build no only his staggering palace, but other buildings too.

Political Life

  • He divided empire into provinces; each province had a governing governor.
  • He made sure the local governments were operating fairly and effectively.
  • He also established religous freedom.

This picture shows the Mali Empire where Musa ruled.

This map also shows were the Mali empire is and some trade routes and trade goods.

In this map, it shows Musa's route to Mecca in 1324.


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