Dragonfly Press Publishing was originally formed in 2016 to house and promote the work of Ana Maria Selvaggio of Renmeleon, her husband Val Michael Selvaggio, and her daughter M. Y. Seaton. As of 2019, Dragonfly Press Publishing has taken on two new authors - Tabitha Dial and Amie Crites. Dial and Crites have both had their books designed through Renmeleon.

Available Titles

Bored: get GOING

"Start" can be a powerful (and really intimidating) word. Sometimes all it takes, though, is one little step forward. Bored is all about aligning your life to your joy goals.

Hand-lettered, illustrated, and uploaded in under 24 hours, Bored is the first of a three book series created as the author's challenge to herself to get her message out in a fun way.

Available on Amazon here.

get GOING: From Here to There

Life altering goals can be daunting. Using simple techniques that have guided her through her own reconstruction, Renmeleon teaches you how to use creative visualization and outlining actionable steps to move your life forward toward living your joy.

Hand-lettered and illustrated in 45 minutes, From Here to There is the second of a three book series created as the author's challenge to herself to get her message out in a fun way in the hopes of motivating others to rethink and realign their lives with their end goals.

Available on Amazon here.

Done: get GOING

Often creatives have a natural inclination to fuss with things until they're "perfect" that hinders our process. We work masterfully on things that would benefit others but sometimes cannot get out of our own way long enough to get them out into the world for others to enjoy. Being able to complete projects and launch them is an easy skill to master if we focus and just get done. Asked for advice multiple times over the course of her journey, the author is putting her system down on paper here just for you.

Hand-lettered and illustrated in less than an hour, Done is the third of a three book series created as the author's challenge to herself to finish.

Available on Amazon here.

Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves and Develop Your Personal Code

Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves & Develop Your Personal Code is a workbook consisting of 79 tea reading exercises designed to stir your imagination, nourish your intuition, and unfold your understanding of perception and individual symbols.

Available on Amazon here.

Upcoming titles

get GOING: Workbook

get GOING: Simple Steps to Living More Abundantly (working title) by author / illustrator, Ana Maria Selvaggio, is a compilation of tips and tricks to get you where you’re going. Selvaggio walks you through her journaling process and combines it with the methods in her get GOING pre-release series to help you create a complete system of daily living toward your goals.

Status: Releasing August 2019.

On Purpose with Purpose 365: A 3:1 Planner, Journal, & Self Discovery Workbook

On Purpose With Purpose 365 is a 52 week 3:1 planner, journal, and self discovery workbook. Author Amie Crites is extending a personal invitation for pre-order readers to gain extra benefits. Find information on the benefits and features you will gain from Crites’ planner/journal/workbook combo and her support group provided at no extra charge for becoming a soul-full contributor here.


Every family has their secrets. This family houses everyone else’s. Join Michael as he returns home to find his childhood, wasn’t as alone as he thought.

Status: In revisions. ARCs planned for August 2019. #pawntokingfour


A centuries-old Church Inquisitor roams Europe in search of four artifacts that could change the fate of his order and the world. Seeking to protect their investment, the Church assigns him a bodyguard, a corrupted assassin that he made and abandoned in a previous life that has her own agenda.

Status as of July 2019: In critique.

#thecorneliusseries #remnantbook

Connect with author, Val Michael Selvaggio on Facebook and Twitter.

Odonatia (working title)

An island in the mid Atlantic is the keeper of secrets for its inhabitants and an outsider chasing the remnants of a 200-year old ghost.

Status: Currently awaiting critique after Stalemate is published. Publishing as a novel, but will also have the film script and indie-gaming documents available upon publication. #odonatiabook

Who is dragonfly?

Dragonfly is the nickname of author, designer, and illustrator, Ana Maria Selvaggio. “Writing has been as big a part of my life as my drawing for as long as I can remember. I love words and, even moreso, opportunities to combine them with visual elements.”

Having worked in and around the publishing industry since the mid 90s, Selvaggio has worked with independent authors for the past 20 years. Her love of the written word translated early on into various types of poetry and nonfiction articles prior to jumping headlong into short stories and longer works of fiction. Selvaggio’s arsenal now includes novel-length fiction and screenwriting.

In her early 40s, Selvaggio went back to school for her Masters in Creative Writing, specializing in screenwriting for film, gaming, animation, and television. “I completed a script for my thesis and being able to hold it in my hands…my world changed.” Selvaggio spent the first half of 2019 converting that script, Stalemate, into a novel and plans to revise the script to match before registering it with the Writers Guild. She won’t stop there, though. Selvaggio plans to develop Stalemate into an augmented reality game for mobile technology.

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Visit Renmeleon online and learn more about the latest projects - like her Lenormand deck, Animal Totem Oracle deck, and several pairs-matching decks for little hands in children’s hospitals that are going up on Kickstarter soon as well as ways you can become part of her creative process.

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