The Great Leaders Cold War Dinner Party

John F. Kennedy had decided to host a party at the White house dining hall.

President of the United States

The Great Leaders

Everyone invited had contributed to the Cold War as some sort of high powered leader in office.

Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Prime Minister Thatcher had contributed to the fall of the "Berlin Wall" and the liberation of Eastern Europe along with seeking peace through strength.

Winston Churchill

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Prime Minister Churchill had see the events of the "Cold War" coming , so he give the early warnings along with defining the central problems.

Harry S. Truman

President of the United States

President Truman was in office at the start and had made "Truman Doctrine" that aid Greece and Turkey to protect them from communist aggression and the "Marshall Plan" which had sent billions of dollars to help economic recovery to European nations.

Dwight Eisenhower

President of the United States

President Eisenhower tried to improve their relations with the Soviet Union by proposing the "Open Skies" which let both United States and Soviet Union to check each others military programs though the Soviet Union rejected it but won international approval.

Richard Nixon

President of the United States

President Nixon had signed seven agreement that covered the prevention of military clashes with Brezhnev, though the second treaty had a few more agreement it was continuing a commitment to peace both countries wanted.

Lyndon B. Johnson

President of the United States

President Johnson had sent thousands of American troops to protect the sovereignty of South Vietnam from communist aggression.

John F. Kennedy

President of the United States

President Kennedy had sent army troops to West Berlin and reassure them of U.S. support plus stated he was to help end the Cold War

Ronald Reagan

President of the United States

President Reagan had created the "Reagan Doctrine" to provide support, for anti-communist fighters throughout the world in an attempt to “roll back” communism.

Jimmy Carter

President of the United States

President Carter had made human rights a major priority of American foreign policy along with sending aid to the guerrillas plus furnished additional and heavier weapons when they needed it

Joseph McCarthy

United States Senator

State Senator McCarthy had sent investigations to "expose" the supposed communist infiltration of the armed service though lost most of his allies

Henry A. Kissinger

United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor

State Senator Kissinger had negotiations that leaded to the Paris peace accords which ended U.S. military action in Vietnam

Golda Meir

Prime Minister of Israel

Prime Minister Meir had prepared for a defensive war aganist Syrian and Egypt and formed a new coalition government

The party would be theme "The Great Gastby" for these leaders keep it formal

Center Pieces

This would be placed in the central areas of the table with dices of fruits along different types of nuts filled inside it.

Table Setting

There would be trays of different types of wine bottles along with bottles of champagne for everyone to try.
Each seat would be set like this along with a card that has the guest's name on it, showing where they sit

Dining Hall

The Menu


Pastry Pigs
Buffalo Chicken Skewers

Main Course

Baked Ham
Chicken Piccata


Mashed Potatoes
Caesar Salad


White Chocolate Mousse
Butter Cake
Cake Pops

The Party

Seating Chart

The party is joyful as all the guests talk with one another of their life experiences

Party Favors

All guest who want a bow tie would be given one
Any guest who would prefer a headband is allow to have one

White House Garden

The Party's Finale

They end the party with a cup of tea or coffee along with a small pastry

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