Railroad By: Reed Jackson

The Railroad had the biggest impact on America. It made travel faster and it was the most inexpensive way to travel. many people started to move away and travel West because they knew could visit other far away places faster that the other travel systems. It also created many dangers and many people died.

people at train station

Quotes and Evidence

"It was the most inexpensive way to travel"

"More people started to travel"

"It was a faster and newer way to travel"

"The company suffered many bloody attacks on their men"

Steam Engine


The railroad was created in the 1804. This was created so people could travel longer distances faster and easier. Many other things were being invented like more transportation things. Such as the steam boat.

Steam boat

The Railroad effected the North more with transpiration. With the Railroad being so fast people were moving to the west more and more, and faster too.





Created By
Reed Jackson


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