One of the most effective and engaging ways to visit an unknown location or town is to make use of local tour guides who are living, studying and/or working in the visited place, able to accompany and adequately assist the tourist through exciting and professional organized tours, not only facilitating mobility and necessary transfers, but making themselves the object of pleasure, charm, emotion and enjoyment.

The best way to try to understand the world is to see it from as many angles as possibile.

WeBikeAble offers awesome tourism & life experiences biking together with skilled guides in the amazing old town of Bergamo city and around its beautiful and so much fascinating surroundings.

Who we are

WeBikeAble is a unique organization of professional touring guides and bike lovers, who are involved with passion and effort in urban and town contexts in order to provide to foreign and domestic tourists just the best selected, funny and innovative tour operator services.

We arrange great, emotional, remarkable and gorgeous touring guides, having fun and biking together around the best places of our city.

We love biking and, of course, we know very well the best and most fascinating roads, maps, footpaths and cycle roots available in Bergamo city and around the landscape where we live.

Unfortunately, if you don't have a bike or if you don't know where to ride, then you will not see, touch, smell and taste the best places and beauties of our unique and awesome locations.

Do NOT miss our opportunities!

Our eBikes

We own a wide range of new, premium high tech, innovative electric bikes (eBikes), which are very comfortable, safe and suitable for any person, even if not cyclist expert.

Our urban eBikes

Thanks to the electric motor of our bikes, all touring trips we are offering are pleasant and fully enjoyable also by those people who are not used to ride.

Our cargo eBikes

In case of kids and for special purposes we own and offer some new, excellent, full (front and rear) suspended cargo eBikes too.

Our mountain eBikes

For those guys who instead are offroad fans and like cycling into the nature, we may also offer custom tours performed with great and top of the line mountain eBikes.

Our guided tours

We have arranged several different touring options in order to satisfy any personal expectation and need, as well as to offer suitable opportunities which have also to be compatible with your available free time during your stay in Bergamo.
Exciting stops at selected locations are forseen.

Of course, we are providing for all tours partecipants personal insurances, as well as helmets, gloves, bags and other nice or useful biking accessories.

3 options: S-M-L

"S" is our "Small” size tour, it takes 1 hour and it's suitable for any person, including kids and mature people.
"M" is our "Medium” size tour, it takes 2 hours and includes coffee break in nice places.
"L" is our "Large” size tour, it takes about 4 hours, includes lunch or dinner as well as visits to some museum or art gallery, it may consider long distance destinations (i.e. lakes, countrysides or mountains) and it's strictly suggested for people who are used and like to ride.

Food, drink, coffee & our gadgets are included

Tour details

For each tour option, specific destinations and related details (where, what, when) are usually decided and agreed case by case and just in time, depending on number of partecipants, personal custom demands and wheater forecast.

Our meeting point in Bergamo city to start a guided tour is located close to the “Dolphin Fountain” in Via Pignolo, 89/C.

Our mission

Beauty of things exists in mind of beholder.
Beauty will save the world.

WeBikeAble offers unforgettable life experiences

Bergamo by night

On custom demand, our tours should also be arranged by night.

Our is the night, with all her fascinating stars!

Booking info

So, if you are visiting Bergamo city, or if you are planning to do that in the next future, then contact us as soon as possible and don't miss our awesome opportunities.

Feel free to contact us by mail, phone or WhatsApp

We are ready to go and our team remains at your disposal waiting for you to have fun and bike together.

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