Canbury School Newsletter 1st March 2019. issue 152

Dear Parents and Visitors

Just look at those smiling faces at the top of this week's newsletter! This fabulous photo was taken by Year 11 student Ijaaz. He was among the GCSE Art, Craft and Design students and Photography students who headed off to Shoreditch to carry out a photo shoot yesterday to inspire and inform their externally set exam task.

Mrs Smith reported all had a fantastic day documenting the graffiti, posing for Ijaaz's fashion shoot, visiting galleries and exploring Spitalfields market and the retro clothes shops.

Back here at base, Year 7 parents had their first Parents Evening yesterday. It was good to meet some parents and carers of our not-so-new younger members of Canbury.

Parents' Evening was preceded by an information session in the new Sixth Form building, led by Mrs Littler, who was ably assisted by her Sixth Formers. We also welcomed visitors into the Sixth Form building on Monday afternoon after school and Friday morning during lesson one. There were a lot of "ooohs" and "ahhhhs". Later on in this newsletter Margaux has written a little piece about week one in the new space.

Finally I'm delighted to share with you that Canbury is now a registered UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) centre. This means we can now help Canbury Sixth Formers with their University applications. Onwards and upwards!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Kyrell for a very positive, much more focused attitude in ukulele and making a great start learning the chords and playing the rhythm.

The whole class for a lovely lesson, and great focus and a “can do” attitude.

Year 7 musicians play some Bob Marley.

Year 8

Jack Elford for scoring 100% in his Entry 1 Mathematics paper and asking for another one to do at home!

Alannah for scoring 1.57 seconds per question for mixed times tables. This is excellent.

Kiran, Lucas, Shaaiyon, Harry A, Ain, Ottilie, Alannah and Larry for their excellent discussion of language use and features (Semantic field) in English on Thursday.

Matthew for his eagerness and work tuning seven ukuleles before the start of the music lesson and preparing the classroom.

Year 9

Congratulations to Harry B for excellent focus and hard work in his intervention lesson on ‘Acids, Alkalis and Indicators’.

Evie and Sebastian for some well-considered and well-expressed comments in English.

Well done to Rhian, Ellie and Aansh in particular in Drama this week for remembering so well the exercises from the physical theatre workshop and leading the class in practising them again. Ms Scott says she was particularly impressed by Rhian’s memory, focus and leadership skills.

Ellie and Victor for their mastery of their first two chords on the Ukulele and their work on the chorus “Three Little Birds” in Music.

Year 10

Joe and Emily for scoring in the 80s on a Foundation iGCSE Mathematics paper and to Louis, Matt and Alexander for scoring in the 70s on the same paper.

All of Year 10 for some very thoughtful work in English on Wednesday - Louis and Emily in particular.

Rosie for great Drama work on the Frantic Assembly.

Louis for helping James with his Mathematics and Chemistry work.

Year 11

Eugenia for 100% on her keshmaths paper on Perimeter, Area and Volume.

Year 12

Well done to Chris for an excellent answer in Mathematics homework on fractions of amounts.


Duke of Edinburgh 2019 - and so it begins.

Duke of Edinburgh expedition training began in earnest this week with a session in the playground. Today the students learnt about tents, Trangia cooking stoves, equipment and food choices, rucksack packing, 1st aid, basic navigation and route planning. Letters have been sent home with all details. Please contact the school office if you haven't received yours.

Let's hope ALL the boys learn to get their hands out of their pockets, otherwise they'll be in for a very difficult expedition.....

Sixth Form building up and running.

The Canbury Sixth Formers have been walking around with big grins on their faces this week, and it's no wonder. We hosted two events where parents joined us for a look around the inside of the building. In case you weren't able to join us, read on for an up-date from Margaux on what it's all been like.

"It finally happened - we’ve just finished our very first week in our new Sixth Form building and it's been really nice.

The Sixth Form building - up and running!

Our new space is big enough for our group but it still feels cosy. We have a kitchen area, two sofas, lockers and a big table with comfy chairs in our common room, as well as two reasonably sized classrooms.

We started off the week with a celebration breakfast on Monday. Then today we had more visitors.

All seven of us have really enjoyed having our lunch and breaks in the common room, having our own room for lessons, our own private place to chat and study, and getting a space where we are rather more independent. In that space to call our own we’ve studied but also had the chance to bond a bit more as a group.

We’ve also had three birthdays - Miles and Harry on Wednesday and Mia today. It's all been going on this week!"

Charity fundraising update

We continue to do a great deal of charity fundraising, of which we are justly proud. The chosen Canbury School charity for the academic year up until July 2019 is Momentum, a local charity which gives all kinds of support in many different ways to families where a child has a life-limiting condition.

In addition we will be supporting Comic Relief Day which takes place this year on Friday 15th March. Students will be able to wear mufti, in return for a £2 donation which should be handed into their form tutor from Monday 11th March.

Then on Tuesday 26th March we will be supporting the work of the Epilepsy Society, by taking part in their purple-themed day. Our charity prefects and staff will be making purple smoothies (yum yum) to sell at break and lunch time for a £2 donation to the charity.

Information will be sent home in due course from Mrs Bowen. Watch this space.

Give it a go!

Canbury students are invited to have a go taking part in Athletics at the Weir Archer Athletics track in Kingston on Sunday 17th March.

The day is designed to get youngsters having a go at an event or two in a friendly, low-key environment, but still feeling like a competition (eg wearing numbers, starting races when a gun is fired etc).

There will be assistance at all points, eg warm ups, where to go, what to do etc, so athletes feel comfortable with what they are doing.

The organisers are really hopeful Canbury will have a presence there, particularly as we come towards the spring and summer, which is clearly the main athletics season. They add: "we also know that speed, agility, endurance and strength, the key elements of athletics are also the foundation skills of most other sports, so our athletes also tend to excel at the other sports they do at school too."

For further details and the link for entries, go to:


Up, up and away - apprenticeship applications open at British Airways.

The 2019 British Airways Apprenticeship Programme is now open for applications.

BA say this year they will be recruiting a large number of apprentices across the following programmes based at Heathrow:

• Aircraft Maintenance

• Heathrow Operations

• Customer Services

• Head Office

• Project Management

• Data Analysis

• IAG Cargo Operations

If you’re interested in applying, or know someone that might be, you can learn more and apply here https://careers.ba.com/apprentices

Has anyone seen Caitlin's trainers?

Have you seen these snazzy trainers? Caitlin mislaid them on the last day before the February half term after PE in the afternoon. Please would you have a hunt around at home in case your child packed them in their bag by accident. Caitlin is very fond of these trainers as she got them in America. Doesn't she look smart in them marching with Team USA?


Meet the member of staff

The end of the newsletter, where we learn something new about a member of the Canbury family, and Learning Support Assistant Mrs Coniosi doesn't disappoint, with tales of medal wins, a great book recommendation, the fact that she loves George Clooney and that Oprah Winfrey would be a welcome guest at her dinner table.

Mrs Coniosi - always smiling, always getting stuck in.

What do you absolutely LOVE about Canbury?

The caring atmosphere and smiling people.

If you were a celebrity, who would it be?

Oprah Winfrey for the way she reinvented herself.

How do you unwind?

I love walking in the park and just watching and listening to birds and animals. If I’m at home, huggies with my children are the best things in life.

Mountain climber or beach sloth?

I grew up in the mountains and I love them, but I now prefer a nice long beach walk in the evening or early morning.

Recommend a book to us.

'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' by Susan Jeffers, is a good book for someone facing indecision.

What one thing would you change about Canbury if you could - it can't be more space!

I don’t have anything in mind that I would change but I would introduce motivational speaking which can be inspiring for teenagers.

What would you tell your 16 year old self in you bumped into her?

Have fun and enjoy every day. Trust in life and yourself. Don’t procrastinate so much. Laugh more often.

That's not an English accent - where are you from originally and what brought you to the UK?

I was born in Romania in a little town known for winter sports especially ski and luge (bob sleigh). I came to the UK in 2004 because it was first on my list of countries to visit. I loved it so much that I stayed here.

Tell us something about yourself that we would NEVER guess.

I was very sporty. I did luge and competed nationally in Romania and internationally in Germany and Austria. I have won a few medals.

Tell us who your top four dinner party guests would be, and why.

Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, George Clooney and my husband.

Oprah because she is inspiring and we share the same birthday (not the same year, just the same day).

Deepak Chopra because of his ideas on complementary medicine.

George Clooney is my favourite actor and an advocate of human rights.

My husband because I would like him to be there with me and most likely he would get upset if I had a dinner party and didn’t invite him.

You've got 24 hours to yourself - what do they look like?

I would sleep at least 10 hours and just relax without thinking about what I need to do next.



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