To better serve the campus community and keep everyone as safe as possible, most Campus Center retail dining facilities offer online food ordering for pick up via the GET Food app.

How to download GET Food App:

iPhone (App Store) or Droid (Google Play) users can download the GET Food app by searching "GET food" (shows up at "GET MOBILE"), download and then searching for "UAlbany" to start ordering.

Tutorial on how to use the GET Food App once downloaded:

#1: open app and select "START ORDER" (see screenshot below).

#2 Scroll down to review venue/food options. Venues show what is open/closed (see screenshot below).

#3 Once a venue is selected, then select pick up time -- either select "ASAP" or select a specific time (Corner Bagel has been selected in screenshot below).

#4 Once a pick up time is selected, confirmation is required by clicking 'CONTINUE' (see screenshot below where same day "12:00 pm" pick up was selected).

#5 Then app goes to the selected venue's full menu to start ordering (see screen shot below).

#6 Make food selections. When done, click "VIEW CART" at the very bottom of the screen (see screenshot below).

#8 Pay by selecting "PAYMENT METHOD." The drop down menu will show what is available on your UAlbany ID Card or you can pay using a credit card. Payment options are Discount Dollars, Munch Money, Podium, F/S Dining Plan or Credit Card (see screenshot below).

#10 Pick up your food! It's that easy!

The CBORD Mobile ID App and the GET Food app are the preferred method for contactless payment and online food ordering at Campus Center venues.

In order to access the GET Food app, we highly suggest you first download the The CBORD Mobile ID Card App and utilize the GET Food app from that platform (note: The CBORD app will allow for contactless payment as well at every retail dining venue and the bookstore).