Bhojpur Trail Race 2019 information you need to know

It's Mira Rai's village in the Eastern region of Nepal. It's remote, it's raw and it's fabulous! This is the 4th edition of the race and it's growing BIG.

Race Schedule

  • 15th February 2019 : 8 km and 3 km race for the village children and participants
  • 16th February 2019 : 36 km Race starting from Sanodumma to Bhojpur Bazaar

Bhojpur Municipality lies in region 1 in Nepali state bifurcation. It is a huge municipality with 12 wards. Mira Rai's village, Sanodumma used to be 18 km hiking from main Bhojpur Bazaar but now there is a road construction going on the trails. Alternative trails is about 25 km or about 6-7 hours hiking from the main bazaar. It is about 3 hours bus journey.

Objectives of the race

Make a quality trail race accessible to the remote villages in Nepal, starting from Mira Rai's own village.

Promote a remote region of Nepal which has a great potential for organising trail running race.

Support the athletes who show demonstrated talent with further opportunities within or outside Nepal.

What's new for Bhojpur Trail Race 2019, the 4th edition?

  • Race event for two days. 15th February ( Phalgun 3), will be the race focused on the village children and participants. Start and Finish venue on Sanodumma School playground. Distance 8 km and 3 km.
  • 16th February ( Phalgun 4), Main race day of 36 km distance. Race starts at Sanodumma Village and Ends at Bhojpur bazaar.
  • A race tour for 5 days, that will cover the tour of Bhojpur village and Sanodumma for international clients.
  • International participants from 6 countries representing in the race for the first time.
  • Homestay facilities to begin in Sanodumma village for the first time.
  • Entire local committee of Bhojpur bazaar and Sanodumma and connecting routes of the race joins hands to make the event a grand success for everyone.
  • For Registration in the Eastern Nepal, please contact Mr Pabi Hang Rai,+977- 9815336915
  • Manual Registration forms in Kathmandu Available at the Outdoor Adventure Center, Thamel.

Important Instructions

Accomodation :

  • Race Tour participants will be accommodated into a homestay arrangement near the race venue.
  • The runners who have signed up for one day race will be staying in the camps arranged near the start and finish venue. The camps will be clean and maintained, however, you are requested to bring your own sleeping bags.


  • Race tour participants will have their food covered for the entire duration of the tour in Kathmandu and Bhojpur.
  • Dinner for 15th February and 16th February breakfast, checkpoint hydration and food, recovery soup and snack, and dinner will be available for all the race participants for the race day.

Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Bhojpur faces water shortage, hence it is advisable to carry your own hygiene arrangements in case you won’t be able to take a shower or bath during the race days.
  • Sanodumma village doesn’t have any bathing facility, so for 15th and 16th, there will be no washing facility.
  • The handwashing stations and water for the toilets will be arranged in the race venue. Please use water judiciously.
  • It is advisable to carry a Hand sanitizers at ALL times and use it as soon as you touch something.
  • Please leave the toilets clean after you use them.
  • Carry your own Toilet papers and throw them into the doko/dustbin made for toilet papers. Do not throw toilet papers into the toilet hole, this can lead to the toilet blockage.


  • For Race Tour participants:
  • Bhojpur is connected by direct flight service by Nepal airlines but it is directly affected by the weather conditions in Kathmandu and Bhojpur.
  • Other nearest airport is in Tumlingtar. Tumlingtar is 6 hours Jeep ride from Bhojpur. There could be multiple private flight services, but also affected by the weather conditions in Kathmandu and Tumlingtar.
  • If none of the flight services are available, we will have to take bus or Jeep service of about 32 -36 hours back to Kathmandu.
  • We will try to get the fastest possible option for our tour, however, if there are no options and we are running out of time, we will choose the bus or jeep journey

Bus service will be arranged for the participants coming from Kathmandu. Please contact 9808594623 for transportation issues.

Medical Issues

  • In new destinations, you could suffer from Traveller's diarrhoea, tiredness, headaches, stomach pain, vomiting, etc
  • We will have a paramedic accompany us for the entire race event, however, for your own safety please carry a personal first aid kit which has medicines and ointments that you are familiar with and have been using.
  • There will be an emergency contact number, and ambulance and Bhojpur health post will be kept in alert in case of any emergency. We request you to follow personal safety on priority while racing.

Race garna parcha ! Ramailo garna parcha!!

See you in Bhojpur !!!

Our Special Thanks to


Special Thanks to Nepal Miteri Munch from Italy who supported us with a seed fund of 740 Euros to kickstart 4th Bhojpur Trail Race Project.
Machhapuchchhre bank Limited for their pledged support of NRS 50000 inclusive of taxes. We are grateful for their support.
We are grateful to Gurkha TrailBlazer team for pledging us support of 6944 Hong Kong Dollars and for inviting the top female runner to Hong Kong to participate in the race in 2019 and for offering invitation for top male and female runners in 2018.
For the team Exchange and Empower for supporting the scholarship program for the athletes and facilitating an exchange trip in Hong Kong and Nepal.
  • We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our individual supporters Mr Julien Ackerer for being the first participant of the Bhojpur Race Tour and for donating USD 250 for the project.
  • We are grateful to Ultra-runner legend Miss Lizzy Hawker for pledging gifts for the top performing children of Sanodumma village on 15th February.

Primary Organising committee in Bhojpur

Our special thanks to Rimachong Sports and Education Association, Chief Pabi Hang Rai and the team for taking responsibility of the local organising partners.

With special support and permission of Nepal Government

We are thankful to the Village Development Committee of Sanodumma for taking up active responsibility for facilities for the participants in Ward 5 village. We are grateful for all the local Nepal government bodies for the permissions and valuable support.

Venue Partners Sanodumma Village, Ward 5

We are grateful to Sanodumma secondary school for being the venue and facility provider for our participants.

Radio Partners

Our radio partners have been spreading the news of the races in their zones and have been very instrumental in promoting the charity race across the eastern region.

Bhojpur FM , Radio Unnati and Chomolungma Community Radio

Contact us at bhojpurtrailrace@gmail.com, or call at numbers 9808032588, 9808594623.


Preeti Khattri

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