Kaylee's Number The Stars Book Diary


When i hear people talk about the war I think of people who died for us or risked their life for us and people that are not afraid of anything when it all comes down to something real

I think that if I was in the war my mom and dad would feel horrible and i big hole inside of them because you never know what is going to happen in a war so I couldn't even imagine how other mom's and dad's felt about their kids that the love and raised for their whole life going somewhere that is screaming danger for them


Me being a neighbor is like a kid getting a baby cat that they've wanted for almost a year and them getting it on their birthday. What i'm trying to say is that I love being a neighbor because then you can always have someone to bake you something if you need something to make you feel better.

If my neighborhood was getting ready to be attacked by a bunch of soldiers then I would figure out how I could help them escape and help them find a place to hind. So then when it's over then we can all be happy that no one got hurt. All of the people would be safe and sound if they with my family because my family is one of those people that like to help others and they all think very smart way.

Literary Analysis

"Well; Annemarie said slowly, "now I think that all of Denmark must be a bodyguard for the Jews, as well."

If Denmark must be a bodyguard for the Jews, I think that it would look like a bunch of people coming together and fighting with everything they got! Then if they did come together then it would be a harder battle because there would be more people to fight.

I think that Annemarie was very frightened because her and her dad were talking about dying for the king and that is scary to think about dying!

Annemarie made the decision to pull the little gold chain so the soldiers wouldn't know that it was Ellen and think that their sisters. I think that she felt very scared in this one to because if people came into my house looking for my best friend I would be scared to.

Annemaries hand has her best friend Star of David is imprinted. I think that she feels a strong bond between them and that they trust each other.


We just read.....Therefore I think that Annemaries dad is going to be in the casket because chapter 10 said Let Us Open The Casket.The reason I think this is because is her dad stayed behind and

We just read about how the Jews had to go with Pete to go to Sweden uncle Henrik’s so the Jews could be safe and nothing bad would happen to them. Annemarie and her sister were home alone with their cat. Annemarie started to get really worried because her mom was a hour late because she left at 2:30 and it take a hour to get there and Annemarie looked at the clock and it was 3:30 so her mom should have been there but she wasn’t. So Annemarie looked out the window and she saw someone outside laying on the ground and she was making her eyes focus and she saw who it was it was her mother. Annemarie ran outside to wake her mom up and her mom told Annemarie that she broke her ankle and needed help to get inside. So Annemarie helped her mom inside and saw something on the ground when they went inside. It was something very important that the Jews needed. So Annemarie's mom told her that she needed to take it to them. Annemarie had to ran as fast as she could to get there.

Therefore,I predict that Annemarie is not going to make it because the boat has already left. That means she just went there for nothing.


Man vs. Man

One of the soldiers came to their house and Annemarie moms was talking to them and one of the soldiers smacked her mom in the face and she got mad but she couldn't do anything because they were really mean people.

Annemaries mom learned not to get smart with the soldiers again if she doesn't want to get smacked.

I know that this was man vs. man because Annemaries mom got really mad but she couldn't do anything about it.

Man vs. Nature

Uncle Henrik took the Jews somewhere safe and the had to drug one of the babies so they would go to sleep because if the baby kept crying the soldiers would have found them. That would not be good at all all of their hard work would go to waste.

They are all were thinkful for all the medicine that they have because if they hadn't had that medicine then the soldiers would have found them. They learned to respect and to thinkful of all the stuff that they actually do have instead of the things they don't have.

I know that this is man vs. nature because the had to drug the baby and thats a medicine and medicine is part of nature.

Man vs. society

The Johansen family was breaking a order pretty much and lying to all of the soldiers because they had to protect their best friends because if they wouldn't had then the Jews would be in deep trouble. They all pretty much resticed their life because thats how a team sticks together.

All of the characters learned that if your going through trouble then make sure you have a good best friend to be there for you. Also that you might think you don't have the best, best friend but when something happens they will always be there for you.

The reason I know this is man vs. society is because they went against a order and lied to the soldiers that they didn't have any Jews in their house one day.

Man vs. self

Annemarie had to make a desion to go left or right to see which way she was going to go when she had to go deliver the packet to her uncle Henrik. One way lead to the town and the other one lead deeper into the woods.

Annemarie learned that she know the woods really well because she used to live their before she moved to Copenhagen with her mom and dad.

I know that this is man vs. self


If your brave you can do anything.

For me this means that if you a brave you can do anything you put your heart to. This is suck a sweet easy theme because anyone could figure out what it means. It isn't one of those hard one that no one can figure out.

When Annemarie took the packet to her uncle she had to be brave to do that or it wouldn't have got done and then the soldiers would have found the Jews.

Another one for the this theme is that Annemarie's mom had to be really brave when she had to go take the Jews to her Annemarie's uncle. If is would have got caught she would got in a lot of trouble.

Vocabulary words

Lanky and Stocky


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