Performance Enhancing Drugs By: Grier Schwartz

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have become a huge issue in the sports world today. Athletes use them to try to gain a competitive advantage in their sport, but it is against the rules.
Some people are in favor of allowing athletes to use PEDs but I am not because I think it gives them an unfair advantage over their competitors. They are most commonly used by baseball players.
People who are for athletes being allowed to use PEDs say that professional athletes push their bodies to extremes as it is and taking PEDs is no different. Another reason they want PEDs to be allowed is because banning them causes athletes to get them from unreliable sources instead of letting team doctors regulate the drugs.
There are many reasons to not let athletes use PEDs. If they do become un-banned athletes will jeopardize their long term health for an immediate advantage. Also, young athletes who aspire to become professionals will be tempted to take them at a young age which will threaten their health as well. Allowing PEDs also takes the fun out of natural competition and is not fair to a person who trains tirelessly rather than just having a drug injected in them.
Some people might think "Why should I care if athletes are using PEDs?". The reason you should care is because it will ruin everything that sports are. It will put the athletes health in danger as well as aspiring athletes. It would be devastating to watch an athlete train as hard as they possibly can just to come up short against a PED user.


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