Tattoos on the Heart Lauren coe period 7

Chapter One: God, I Guess: Out of the whole book this chapter really stood out to me. The theme is God and becoming closer to Him. In this chapter they're multiple homies that truly discover God, instead of just hearing Father Greg talk about Him. There is young boy who doesn't quite understand why Father Greg won't turn in Mike Wallence, but he knows it has something to do with God. Of course that isn't necessarily correct, but Father Greg isn't going to turn him over because he's living the gospel and trying help Mike and all the other homies. In this chapter there's one story I really like in particular. It's about Willy and how Father Greg told him to pray and because of that Willy made a deep connection with God.

Homeboy Industries may have started out as a silly idea that seemed like a bad one, but it's now a successful industry and because of it so many of its employees have gotten to live their lives to there full potential.

Chapter Three: Compassion: This chapter is very heart warming and tragic at the same time. The theme for this chapter is compassion. Father Greg shows so much compassion to all the children who had to grow up tough, he did everything he could for them to succeed. Looney goes to Father Greg and is so excited to tell that he has straight A's, but when Father Greg sees his report card it isn't straight A's. Because of Father Greg's compassion he is proud of Looney for trying his hardest. My favorite thing about this chapter is Betito. It's refreshing to hear about a sweet, silly child after reading about so many deaths and tragedies. You can tell that Father Greg has a special place in his heart for Betito. Reading about Betito's death is very upsetting, it's one of the many deaths in this story, but it stands out the most because he was so young and seemed so invincible.

In the course of a year, Homeboy will employ 240-280 in the businesses and other job training positions.

Chapter Eight: Success: This is another chapter that touched my heart and also broke it. The theme is success because the homies in this chapter all achieve some sort of success. Even though most of the homies that were in this chapter died, they all reached some sort of success, either by working and providing a better life for themselves or their kids. My favorite part about this chapter was Shady's story. She seemed all tough and rough, but on the inside she was this loving and beautiful mother. She was a success because she cared so much about her child and she had so much trust and faith in Father Greg. It was tragic to learn that she was shot, leaving behind her young daughter.

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