african elephants by: evie

Do you want to know about the amazing world African elephants then you should read this it tells you all about that sort of thing so if you're interested read it right now right here

baby elephant

i'll have the Salad please waiter :

Elephants are vegetarian. they only eat plants. lots of animals only eat plants. zebras antelope giraffe and gazelle Eat only plants. they all herbivores. but they have a problem. it is hard to find plants in the savanna. cuz it is so hot and dry and it's hard for plants to grow. so they have ways to fix the problem. elephants can use their truck pull down Tall Tree to get the leaves. they also use their trunks to drink from small puddles. and the mother will help the baby find food. and that's how they eat.

Group of females and babies

Elephant Club:

Did you know! elephants live in two types of groups. one of the groups is a group of just adult males. cuz the males don't always stay with the females. the only time that they are together. is in The Mating Season. the mating season . is when a girl elephant find a mate. but the other kind of group is a... group with just mothers and their babies. if one mother in the group has a baby... all the mothers in the group will help protect it. if there is a predator trying to get it. if the baby is a girl it will grow up and stay in the mother group. if it is a boy when it grows up it will leave the group.and join the other males in the mail group.

look Where I live:

African elephants live in Africa. of course. And they don't Normally have predators. there but sometimes Predators can take down a baby. African elephants. Out in the savanna where there is not normally water. but when there is water they stop for a drink. to stay cool in the savanna they put mud all over themselves. it also works as sunscreen . for them when they're in the hot sun in the tall grass. in the Savannah They travel a lot to find fresh grass and plants to eat in the Savannah

African elephants in danger help me:

African elephants and Asian elephants are endangered. endangered means that there are not so many left in the world. there used to be 10000 African elephant. now they're less than 4000 now. in the whole World. that's not a lot for the whole world. so we need to help. one way to help is to not buy Ivory from people. that sell it from poachers. cuz Ivory is made out of the tusks of elephant. and don't ride on elephants .and if you see it a center that is trying to help elephants you should donate.

African elephant

kid quiz

1What kind of elephant is larger 1 African or 2 Asian.

2 do Female African elephants have tusk Yes or no

3 do African elephants migrate yes or no.

4 do African elephants eat lettuce yes or no.

5 do African elephants eat tree bark Yes or no.

6 where do African elephants live in Africa the 1 rainforest or the 2 Savannah.

7 Do African elephants live in 1 small groups or 2 big groups.I

8Do adult African elephant normally have predators yes or no.

9 are African elephant 1 dangerous or 2 not.

10 what do you call elephant products.



no Peeking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



no peeking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1=1 2=Yes 3= yes 4=no 5=Yes 6=2 7=2 8=no 9=1 10=Ivory

elephants on the move.

the end


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