Shawnee county By:SAriah adAms

Shawnees VIPs

Cyrus K. (Founder)
First trader in the county
Daniel Horne (founder)

5 landmarks and buildings in Shawnee

1.) first Methodist church was there.

Methodist church

2.) modeled after the national capital so it is set up after the national capital.

3.) Kansas memorial building.

4.) Kansas state historical society

5.) Mulavne art museum

People currently important living there

1.)BOB Archer (chairman)

2.) Shelly buhler/ member

3.) Kevin cook/ vice chair

4 cities and towns that are in Shawnee

1.) Topeka is the capital (p. 127,437)

2.) Auburn (p. 1227)

3.) Willard (p. 134)

4.) Roseville (p. 115)

Normal jobs in Shawnee (highest paying)

1.)construction worker

2.)sales man

3.) transportation

County clerk/ Cyndi Beck County sheriff/ sheriff Herman T. Jones

3 major events that occurred in Shawnee county

1.) first school opened there in 1856

2.) first official district to be established was in 1862

3.) captains went around for where the location of the capital should be. 45 contestants were in it

Some interesting facts to think about are this is a Indian name (Shawnee) is a name meaning wild potatoes.

Our Kansas river flows through here, also Fredrick C settled among the Indians he was known as the first white man to settle with Indians.

Thanks the end😂


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