Honoring Legacy Veterans Jordyn Folsom

As Americans all over the country celebrate Veteran's Day with their military relatives, it's easy to forget that these brave men and women also serve in our schools. Here are the veterans at Legacy that you should remember as we celebrate those who sacrificed themselves for our country:

Assistant Principal Leonard Cousins - U.S. Army 1981-2002 "Joining the military was one of the best decisions of my my life. I learned the meaning of duty, honor and country. The Army taught me the importance of selfless service, true leadership and dedication. Finally, the military is a big reason that I am an educator today."
Sgt. James Watkins - U.S. Army "I served in the Army for twenty years. I started my Army career in a highly-technical, very dynamic job working on nuclear weapons. Frankly, I felt so bored in my assignments in this job that I could literally hear the echo of the seconds ticking away on my clock. I had to have a change of pace. I reenlisted to join the Infantry, and this, dear friends, would forever change my life! Infantrymen are very special because they are more plentiful and are routinely used to do other jobs. This variety makes the time go very quickly. As a result, each day is exciting, enlightening, and memorable. The Army taught me self-discipline, pride and teamwork. Receiving a retirement annuity check every month for the rest of my life doesn’t hurt either. We also get health insurance at a much lower rate than our civilian counterparts. The education was not just funded, but also demanded, by the military services. I met some terrific friends that are mine for life. Our diversity was also treasured- for we believe in our nation and its values."
Sgt. Sean Johnson - U.S. Army "I retired from the US Army after serving over 24 years as an Infantry Officer and a Military Intelligence Officer. The biggest impact that the military has had on my life is the realization that after having trained and fought on all but two continents, the United States of America is the GREATEST nation on earth. We are so very blessed to be Americans!"
Rodney Nutley - U.S. Air Force "I served on active duty in the United States Air Force as a military policeman. The military taught me discipline, attention to details and appreciation for living in the USA."
Howard Ritz - U.S. Air Force Vietnam War
Shelene Anderson - U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division, 311th Military Intelligence Battalion "Serving in the army was a choice that I’m proud of and glad that I made. It was difficult but taught me a LOT. I’ve always been stubborn but the army taught me how to channel that into resilience. I’ve always been a hard worker but the army taught me things that were really hard. I joined the army for many reasons - patriotism, family pride, and loyalty (I come from a military family), but from the army I got a better sense of who I was, what I would stand for, the strength within me, understanding what I’m capable of, lifelong friends who truly understand what I went through... and who I KNOW have my 6. The experience was invaluable."
John Davis - Army Reserves "I was activated during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The biggest impact the military had on me was making me aware of how different things are around the world, how a person can do much more than they think they are capable of doing, and it taught me patience and self-control."

Michael Asato - U.S. Army

Craig Rabalais - U.S. Army