Maine 2017

We made our annual trek up to Vinalhaven Island to escape Washington DC over the Independence day holiday. Every year we spend the week before wondering if all of this driving is really worth it. Every year it turns out to be totally worth it.

We stayed at the Schooner Inn, in Rockport, the night before we caught the ferry out to the island. It was foggy.
Shannon kept Barley warm on the top deck. He digs hugs.
Our first preserve visits were to Browns Head and Tip Toe. We kept telling Yenny that there were incredible views, ... when the fog wasn't there.

Preserve's are a big thing with us. There are about 322 known maps of the island - all of dubious authorship. I have dedicated myself to the validation of preserve locations. As long as it's not too hot, or doesn't conflict with cocktail or cards hour. I make other people do this with me. Those people generally dislike me.

We like to document things. We have about eleventy-thousand pictures of rocks and water.

Oh yes! The holiday! On the fourth of July we all put on very patriotic clothing (except me - I wore green - cause I'm a pain) and went down to town to witness the parade and buy things at the town carnival. There were many large breasted women there who had slogans on their shirts. My eyeballs got dry. There was also a Shriner's "small car driving demonstration," it was nothing short of spectacular.


The main pursuits of happiness up here are snacking, aimless walking, sitting, cocktail hour and the card game UNO. These things are taken seriously.

Shannon loves UNO. Okay, maybe no.

I like to go to Maine to buy art supplies and pretend I have skillz. I don't. I just have a lot of art supplies. These paintings are just proof that I missed two naps. #regrets

Sometimes we walk really far just because we know how much cheese will be served at cocktail hour. And sometimes we are just lost.

Yenny is so over Seamus's photo bombing.
Yenny attempts to use a payphone to report wifi issues. (nobody answers)
Look closely. There are 30,000 ticks in this photo.
This is where my really deep thinking happens.
My mother is hiding both Seamus and Yenny in her yellow sweater. She's amazing. Also, she is asleep. I appear to be drunk and Shannon is taking an eye test.

Next year we will stay longer. I hope.

The End.

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