ASD has an Education Option for Everyone

The Anchorage School District is actively planning for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Many families are wondering what school will look like and what opportunities will be available in the fall.

ASD is currently planning learning options that would fall under two main categories: ASD in School and ASD at Home.

Keep up to date with all of ASD's education options on our Innovative Learning at ASD page.

Learning Options

ASD in School

Traditional School

ASD in School will be as close to your “traditional” school as possible. While the intent is for students to attend school on site, this option may require a combination of face-to-face and online learning as safety conditions require. ASD in School will follow the Alaska’s Smart Start 2020 guidelines of low, medium, and high risk scenarios.

As the COVID-19 situation remains fluid and unpredictable, schools must be prepared for multiple possibilities. For this reason, teachers will upload their classes into an online learning management system, so they can rapidly transition to teach through a blended learning environment as needed. The District is currently working with a community task force and a teacher advisory group to ensure distance learning opportunities are robust and intuitive for students, families and teachers. The District plans to present those comprehensive plans to the school board for their review on Tuesday, July 21.

ASD at Home

Virtual Program

A new full-time virtual program will allow families the choice to opt-in to homeschooling through their neighborhood school or school of choice. This program will provide families the tools to home school full time, while still being tied to school-wide activities and programs. More information on this new opt-in program will be available the end of July.

ASD Home School Options

Below is information regarding existing correspondence options families can access within the Anchorage School District. We will continue to provide all of our students every opportunity to find success in life.

Anchorage PAIDEIA Cooperative School

Family Partnership Charter School

Frontier Charter School

School Start Guidelines

ASD’s planning framework will be nested within the State of Alaska’s “Smart Start 2020” framework for the 2020-21 school year. The school start and reentry framework consists of three different risk categories (Low, Medium, High) and will assist Districts to create reopening plans for each category. For information on Alaska’s Smart Start go to www.aklearns.org/smartstart2020.