Adobe for Education Livestreams brought to you by adobe for education

Community livestreams, conferences, and free learning events for developing creative and digital skills in all students and subjects.

Adobe for Education Live

Join regular live learning to discover best practices to use with Adobe creative apps and tools.

Expert educators share best practices for digital literacy and inspiring creative tools to leverage in your classroom. Explore tips and techniques to engage with your students for deeper learning.

  • Grades K-12
  • All subjects

Deep-dive demos

Empower your professional learning to use digital creativity in your classroom projects.

Hear from special guests, education experts, and Adobe Product Managers on streamlined workflow for using Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark to enrich your students' learning through robust projects and exciting outcomes.

  • Secondary and Higher Education
  • Digital Creativity
  • Humanities
  • Multi-disciplinary

Professional learning sessions

For enhancing creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Discover practical examples and discussions on how to inject creativity into your classroom projects and student storytelling with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Spark.

  • All grades
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education
  • All subjects and disciplines

Learn with creative educators

Be inspired by Primary, Secondary, and Higher Ed teachers as they demonstrate how to use Adobe applications for digital literacy.

Each live session will provide classroom examples and how-to resources for creative communication techniques by teachers and students.

  • All grades
  • Higher education
  • Adult education
  • All subjects and disciplines

Join free events to stay connected and inspired.

MAX for Educators

Watch insights shared by educators from around the globe as we prepare the next generation with essential skills for a changing world. Experiment with new creative tools to enhance your professional learning and student engagement.

Adobe for Education and Partners

Discover how Adobe for Education works with partners to enrich student learning. Hear from innovative companies who are partnering with Adobe to deepen students' learning, retention, and comprehension through digital workflow.

Partnerships include Adobe + Clever, Adobe + Microsoft OneNote and Teams, Adobe + Wakelet, and KidNation for seamless creativity.

Connect with leading creative educators.

Join in-depth sessions, explore new tools, and discover new ways to enrich your students' joyful learning experience. Foster deeper learning in your classroom and through your own workflow.

  • Beginners through all levels of expertise
  • Students, teachers, parents
  • Grades K-12

Explore new techniques.

Leading educators share their expertise for creating digital media with Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Learn new skills for teaching students pursuing creative careers, and insightful ways to simplify your workflow in animation, 3D modeling, and modern media.

  • Digital Media
  • Students and teachers
  • Prof's and pro's
  • Grades 8-12
  • Higher Education
  • Adult Education

Empower your students through creativity.

Help bridge the gap to your students' successful careers by encouraging fast-paced challenges and building communication skills for presenting their solutions. Students collaborate in design pitches with industry and develop compelling examples for their portfolio.

  • Digital Media
  • Higher Education
  • Prof's and pro's

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