100 Cupboards by: Dustin west

Genre 100 Cupboards is a fantasy novel, a boy lying in bed hears things across his room. Henry and his cousin Henrietta find that they are not just cupboards, they are portals to the world.
Plot summary Henry York a 12 year old boy can't seem to figure out what the noises he is hearing are. He gets out of his bed scrapes the wall off and finds 99 cupboards. His cousin Henrietta help him find that they are portals to other worlds.
Characters Henry and his cousin, Henrietta who helped Henry find out what the cup boards were. Mrs. Willis, which was Henry's mother. She was a brimful person and always nervous.
Main Conflict A 12 year old boy lying in bed one night heard noises. Henry could not figure out hat it was. So he got up walked over an scratched the wall. Inside of the wall was 100 cupboards, he thought. So later in the book he and his cousin Henrietta found that what they thought were cupboards, were portals to the other worlds. So henry and his cousin went places they never thought they would ever go before.

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