Instant Miracle No. 1

So here we go, Miracle number 1.

This first little miracle is one that my Maman, bless her, has reminded me of on numerous occasions. Growing up, I must say that this is the one I most struggled with, due to my height. At 1.68m, you would not call me a giant but, as a teenager I used to tower over almost all of my friends. Consequently, so as not to feel out of place, I would lower my head and shoulders.

By now you must have guessed: this Miracle No. 1 is “stand up straight”. Slouching or stooping is something we do without giving it a second thought. It could be to fit in due to shorter friends, as in my case, or when we are sitting down to get comfortable. It could also be your job, hunched down sitting at a computer all day your posture takes a battering.

If you wish to appear slimmer, standing or sitting up straight is an easy thing to practice. By doing this, you will lengthen and straighten your body. This will make a few extra inches vanish from your waist and tummy area.

Good posture is also a key requirement for an elegant appearance. It adds an air of grace and poise. Even if you are smaller, standing up straight is a tip you can easily follow. It will make you feel empowered, and full of life and energy. Don’t be a shrinking violet.

So remember, posture perfect to lose pounds instantly. The other benefits are that it will ease any pain in your neck, back and shoulders due to slouching. You’ll sit straighter, walk taller and look slimmer.

As I say the only problem you may have is to remember to correct your posture. The trick is not to beat yourself up about it if you catch yourself hunching over. Just correct yourself and carry on. Put little notes to yourself to remind you. You can get little programs to ping you messages on your screen every now and then. Or, you can ask your kids or your partner to give you little reminders. Get them to practice perfect posture as well and you can all reap the rewards of a strong and healthy spine.

That is it for today. I can’t wait to share my second little French Chic Miracle tip tomorrow,

A bientôt


Instant Miracle No. 1


Kevin Lee, Jeremy Bishop

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