Jump In By sam peterson

"Mum, what are we having for dinner ?" I asked as my stomach growled.

"Why are you asking me, ask the chef?" my mum asked with enthusiasm.

"Got it, I'll be back" I replied as I was leaving.

It took a good five minutes to get to the kitchen and find out were the chef was

"Hey chef, what are we having for dinner?" I asked.

"We are having steak on the barbie with chocolate biscuits and sweets," the chef answered

"Ok thanks chef!" I yelled as I ran off.

I can't believe we are having steak I've only had it once and it was the best thing ever.

"Mom we're having steak tonight!" I said loudly as I jumped for joy

It was a lovely dinner it filled me up. Now it is time for bedtime. Just as my mum was tucking me in.

"Iceberg Iceberg!" The look out shouted frantically

"Mum what does that mean?" I asked full of curiosity

"It means we need to get out of here and on to the deck," mum replied worriedly

As we were running up the stairs we saw people being blocked of by the barriers. The third class were getting into argy-bargys with each other. As we got up to the deck people were honking all over the place. I think I am in a dream because this is all tosh. I hope I get spawny. The deck was jammers with people.

"Everyone get to the middle of the boat!" the bobbies yelled. It's starting to sink now.

My mom was having a chin-wag with her friend about what was happening. I earwigged on the conversation to see what was really happening.

My mom said that she doesn't think that this ship is unsinkable. I have a feeling that soon this ship will be in tatters.

Some whanker just jumped of the ship into the icy waters. There must have been something wrong with his noodle. The stewards were offering ice lollies to us to try to get us to calm down.

Then we everything was calm then the front started to break then everyone realized that we were all in trouble and that it was really going to sink. The power went out an board so we couldn't see anything. Suddenly, torches started to turn on. They started lower the life boats with people on them. Eventually, my mom and I got on one of the boats together. We were going to sit nearest each other but someone had already nicked my seat. I can't believe that that boy took my spot. As we were going off to look for help. The life boat sprang a leak. The water was frigid it was hard to even move with all of the cold water rushing in. It kept sinking and sinking a sooner or later we will be in the water, and I was right we were in the water floating around on some flotsam in the water. I started to shake like mad. At this point I am struggling to even breathe. Then, I fell I couldn't hold on any longer. The cold got to me and I just laid there the there on the piece of wood.

British/Irish words in the story

Mum: Mom, Barbie: a grill, Chocolate Biscuits: chocolate cookies, Sweets: candy, Lovely: wonderful are something great, Argy- bargies: arguments, Honking: throwing up, Tosh: nonsense, Spawny: lucky, Jammers: crowded packed in, Bobbies: policemen, Chin-wag: short conversation, Earwigged: to eavesdrop, Tatters: torn up, broken, Whanker: someone who is dumb, Noodle: head, Ice lollies: popsicles, Torches: flashlights, Nearest: to be next to, Nicked: stolen,


Created with images by ViaggioRoutard - "Dal 2018 sarà possibile visitare il relitto del Titanic" • Anthony Topper - "Chef" • herbert2512 - "barbecue steak grilled meats" • Javi Cebrian - "Sweets!!" • Susan -** - "Titanic" • Orchids love rainwater - "Eavesdropping ( Hello Hello anyone there )" • jamz196 - "gummy bear popsicle"

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