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England is a famous country in Europe. It’s in the North Sea, west of the Netherlands. England is part of the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom exists of four countries, all of which are close together. England is the southern part of the island of Great Britain located in the west alongside Wales and is bordered in the north of Scotland. England is the largest area of the United Kingdom and has the most people. England has 53 million inhabitants. The capital of England is London.


London has a lot of red telephone boxes. In the famous typical English bus seats about 50 people. These busses take you to all the sights of London. In London are a lot of museums like natural history museum, design museum, London transport museum and M&M’s world. It also has a lot of other places of interest like Buckingham palace, Madame Tussauds and the London zoo.

Places of interest

In London are a lot of places of interest and many tourists visit this places. There are too many places of interest so I tell you about the most popular places in London.

1.The london Eye, The London Eye is very famous Ferris wheel in London. Millions of people visit the Ferris wheel every year and they make a round of thirty minutes.

2.The Big Ben, Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell that hangs in the bell tower of the Palace of Westminster of london the clock is one of the toughest in the world. The name of this church is named after a politician.

3.Tower Bridge, the Tower Bridge is a tourist attraction in London. The bridge goes over the river that is called the Theems. A part of the floor is replaced for a glass floor.

Royal house

England is a United Kingdom. At this moment the might of the country lies at one queen. The Royal family of England is very big. England is a Monarchy that is a form of government were by one person has the power. The current Queen of the United Kingdom is Elizabeth II. She sits on the throne since 1952.

She married Prince Philip and they had 4 children Prince Charles is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. He married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. Together they got 2 sons William and Harry. Their marriage was no success and they separated. Princess Diana killed in a car accident caused by paparazzi in the Alma Tunnel in Paris at 1997. In 2004 was opened a monument to her Hyde park, London. This is a fountain in the form of an oval ring of stone.

William Charles son, is married with Kate Middleton and they have two children George and Charlotte. In England, the eldest child becomes King or Queen, after the former King or Queen retires or dies. The difference with the Netherlands is that men in England always go first. The eldest son will automatically be King,even if he has older sisters. A woman can only be Queen if she has no brothers. Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace, in London. Only as the Queen is at home the royal flag flutters.


the Name England is derived from ‘the Angelen’, a group that belonged to the Romans people and settled on an island. in fact, they are the first inhabitants of England. They developed their own language. The language grew fast. The Angelen grew into a country that the power had of multiple areas in the world and they conquered colonies. England created many traditions and England is very proud of their own country.

England had always experience development. One of the most important is the industrial revolution at the end of the 18th century. Thanks to the steam engine could products much easier to be product. As emerged big factories. Soon the steam train was invented, transportation became easier. There become rules and laws.

Henry Ford is the first creator of the car ‘Ford’. Another development is the Church of England which is separate of the Roman Catholic Church (in het Nederlands: De Anglicaanse kerk). At the moment has the Church of England 25 million followers.


English is a world language which is spoken at the whole world. The french language had a big influence at the English language. The popularity of English has do with the fact that England earlier the boss was about many countries. About 500 million people have English as their mother tongue and one of the third people of the world speak English (more than 2 billion). Thanks to this language can we communicate with other countries. That's the reason that English is very important and that you learnt from young. England has also a national anthem ‘God save the Queen’ is the title of this song.


In english have they a big breakfast. Englishmen start the day with a traditional English breakfast. This breakfast which consists of bacon, (fried) eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast with butter, baked beans and potatoes.

The english people eat often a hot lunch. they eat at lunch usually a sandwich with for example a jacked potato or fish and chips. At the afternoon they don’t cook extensively, they go to a pub or fast food chain. Children at school get too much and too fat food.

In england eat the people usually at 8 O’clock dinner. That is because of the High tea at the afternoon. There is hope typical English food. for example: Jacked potato, Fish and chips, Shepherd's pie, sausage and mash

High tea: At 5 o’clock in the afternoon have they a traditional English high tea with differents types of tea and tasty snacks, like lemon cake and cheesecake, muffins, cakes, cookies and chocolates. Originally, the high tea was for the hunger of the diner ,but now it is a typical english traditional.


When you are 21, is this a big party in England. You get than all the birthday cards that you had from the day than you were born and you get the key of the house, you already have this but is a symbolic handover, because you became an adult.

Christmas is very important in England. Every year the Christmas season will be officially opened in Oxford. Then they lighting the christmas lights. Christmas present are unpacked at first Christmas day.

The Englishmen usually eat a Sunday roast at Sunday. A sunday roast consist of: beef, potatoes, yorkshire puddings and vegetables. Of course the Englishmen don't eat is every Sunday and it can also eaten at a another day. there are a lot other english traditions.

Facts about England

♥ Do you know that England stepped out of the EU.

♥ Do you know that in England it 1 our earlier is.

♥ Do you know that the English find that a black cat happiness brings and a with cat bad luck.

♥ Do you know that the English ride at the left of the road.

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