We will not give up until we #EndTB Stop TB Partnership at the 50th Union Lung Conference in Hyderabad, India

30 October - 2 November 2019

India hosts the 50th Union Lung Conference, welcomes the world and drives the efforts to #EndTB

Throughout the week, the Stop TB Partnership organized and participated in meetings and events that foster human rights, innovation, people-centered care, and universal access to tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics and medicines.

Opening the Conference, the Honorable Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu resoundingly supported the global fight against TB by recommitting his country to eliminate the disease by 2025 through a multi-sectoral and community-driven approach.
"We need communities and society at large to help us find the missing people with TB," said Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu.

Kochon Prize 2019 - Human rights take central stage

The Opening Ceremony provided the perfect opportunity to award the prestigious Kochon Prize 2019. The theme for this year was ‘It’s Time for Human Rights and TB.’ The award was presented by Dr. Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership, to Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV & AIDS (KELIN), represented by Executive Director Allan Maleche.
Inspiring keynote address by Justice Mumbi Ngugi, game-changing leaders, engaging audience, and breathtaking art performances took to the stage to celebrate TB champions who fight daily against TB and motivate all of us to never give up.

Other awards for outstanding work in TB were also given throughout the evening.

TBpeople won the Stop TB Partnership 2019 Empowering Community Voices Award. We will not end TB without people and communities!
REACH awarded journalists for keeping TB in the news and ensuring it is an important health topic covered by the media.
Business leaders praised for their companies' efforts in the fight against TB.

Nerds rules! KIT hosted the first-ever hackathon in TB. It is critical that computer scientists, software engineers, and other innovators join our fight against TB.

Famous TB Champions and Influencers

TB survivor and YouTuber/Blogger Scherezade ‘Sherry’ Shroff shared her experiences in Hyderabad. Sherry is a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle content creator. With over 300,000 subscribers and over 50 million views, she has one of the "loudest" voices on the Indian YouTube Scene.

Dr. Aditya Daftary, a radiologist by day, a comedian by night gave a stand-up comedy special and talked about his experience as a TB survivor.

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts performed a unique movement language - reflective of contemporary India yet informed by Indian physical and performance traditions.

Noziya Karomatullo is a singer from Tajikistan who mostly sings in Tajik and occasionally also sings in Persian and Hindi, making her popular throughout the region. In addition to being a superstar, Noziya is also a formidable TB activist who uses her influence to raise the needed public awareness about TB and is part of the National Stop TB Partnership in Tajikistan.

We present you here also our youngest TB Champion, Zuhal, who accompanied her mother Noziya in Hyderabad.
Kolkata Rista is an organization bringing together the LGBTQHIA community to realize their potential to lead better lives, end homophobia and work for the LGBTQHIA rights. The group performed a wonderful rendition of Kuchipudi - a classical Indian dance form.

Engaging the media

The power of media was acknowledged at the Union press conference. However, Dr. Lucica Ditiu, the Stop TB Partnership's Executive Director, clearly stated: "Nobody writes about TB. Nobody knows in the year 2019 that TB kills more people than HIV and malaria combined. It’s a crime. The media has a crucial role to play in bringing attention to this."

"No one here is going to give up until we end TB," said Claire Forlani, English actress and the Union's TB Ambassador.

World TB Day 2020

We are looking forward to working with the TB community to make the World TB Day 2020 a great success. We need to reach more people. We want to cure more people. We need all of you to support the campaign.

Workshops and meetings with the Stop TB Partnership

What are human rights in TB? Justice Mumbi Ngugi addressed the legal workshop on "Human Rights, TB and the Law." We work to strengthen the national TB responses and empower people affected with TB.

The workshop was co-hosted by Northwestern University School of Law and the Global Coalition of TB Activists (GCTA).

The Stop TB Partnership supported a wide range of people affected by TB to participate in events and discussions during the Union Conference and engaged a large number of participants in several events in the community space. Many of these events were co-hosted with North-Western Law School, GCTA and the Global TB Caucus. The Stop TB Partnership's TB REACH explained in a workshop how the Partnership empowers women and girls by focusing on areas such as TB training and getting more women tested.

The Stop TB Partnership presented its ground breaking research around the evaluation of multiple artificial intelligence (AI) packages to read chest x-rays at the conference in multiple symposia. There are many vendors of AI technology for reading chest x-rays and this new evaluation can help implementers decide how to use the technology which can both improve detecting larger numbers of people with TB and reduce the need for Xpert testing among people with symptoms.

Just weeks after their successful replenishment, the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria enters the new funding cycle. What does this mean?

The Stop TB Partnership worked together with IDEO.org to convene a workshop on “Integrating Human Centered Design (HCD) in TB Care.” TB survivors, national TB programme managers, innovators, and key partners came together to leverage HCD methods and mindsets, a creative approach that prioritizes designing solutions to have as much impact as possible by focusing on the experiences of the affected people.

The participants engaged in various activities to build empathy through first-hand experience, wild and wacky ideas, and then to prototype creative solutions. Can we put ourselves in the shoes of the TB affected people? Observing and experiencing are two different things. What are their day-to-day barriers to access and receive care? We need to design solutions around the TB affected people’s experiences.
The Re-imagining TB Care Consultation brought together a broad spectrum of participants to discuss how we can “re-imagine TB care” now and in the future. The meeting focused on: (1) integrating HCD in the development and delivery of new TB innovations, (2) provide healthcare providers with a packaged set of solutions, and (3) leverage emerging technological solutions to make it as easy as possible for TB affected people to access affordable, quality, and people-centered care.
It was fantastic to see so many people stopping by at our booth to talk about TB.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health of India, and the Stop TB Partnership delegation in deep and productive conversation about India's commitment to end TB by 2025.
The Stop TB Partnership delegation also met with Prof. Dr. Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research & Director General Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in Delhi. They discussed ongoing and future collaborative projects. The Stop TB Partnership and ICMR will be signing an memorandum of understanding in the areas of capacity building, research and innovation.