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Christopher Columbus discovers the NEW WORLD...

No matter how famous he may be, Christopher actually made a lucky mistake. His original goal was to find the land loaded with a jackpot of spices. Instead he landed on the New World. This is what he told the Spanish about and this is what they took over and colonized and this is where we live today!!

  1. He was a sailor his whole life
  2. He was rejected twice (once by the Portuguese and again by the Genoa)
  3. The Spanish government sent him on a three-ship voyage of discovery

Christopher Columbus was a sailor his whole life, so it is obvious from a young age that he had a future in it. As he grew older and became a professional he requested to go on a voyage. However he was rejected twice from the Portuguese and then the Genoa. Then he went to the Spanish as a last result and they accepted his request and sent him on an adventure.

  • The devestation of the native population
  • The natives were not used to the diseases that the Spanish were, so they were dying off very fast and easy.
  • We live here!

Because of the discovery of the new world the natives suffered very much. They were infected by the diseases dramatically. Because they brought all of the new diseases over that they were not used to, they were not able to stop the spread. On a side note, because it was discovered we are able to live here!

Spain Conquered the NEW WORLD...

Spain conquered the New World soon after they discovered it. They hired Christopher Columbus to find something new and he did his job. They were able to take control of the land and all the Natives on it. They put the econmienda in affect and also started the middle passage and the triangle of trade.

  1. Christopher Columbus discovers the new world
  2. The Spanish wanted to expand so that they could have more trade and spread Christianity
  3. Other countries were claiming independence from Spain. so they began moving for colonial independence in the Americas

The Spanish would not have been able to conquer the new world if Christopher Columbus had not discovered it. They accepted his request to voyage out because they were looking to spread Christianity and they wanted to spread their trade. At the time they were losing a lot of their colonies because they were claiming independence from Spain, so they were looking to find new land to take over.

  • the population continued to decrease by a ton, the main cause from the Spanish was the creation of the econmienda system.
  • the tremendous death of the natives impacted the Spanish goals, so they began sending slaves back and forth on what is known as the middle passage.
  • they tried hard to govern the people from far away, as a result the politics and religion are very mixed, still to this day.

When Spain officially took over the new world the population dramatically continued to decrease. They put the econmienda system into affect which was a lot of this problem. They started the middle passage to add to the systems to achieve their goals, this started the middle passage. On the other side they started to mix politics and religion. To this day they are still very similar.

Spanish Armada...

At the time the Spanish were the ultimate rulers. They had trade partners all over and were continuing to grow. One of their biggest competitions was the English. The Spanish Armada is when the Spanish sent 130 ships to England to "punish" them for trying to take over Christianity and for "pirating" Spanish ships.

  1. The English tried to rebel against Spanish and overtake Christianity
  2. The English attacked Spanish ships and took some gold and silver.
  3. The Spanish were too cocky

The Spanish Armada started because the English tried to overtake Christianity. They even attacked some Spanish ships and took gold and silver. The Spanish flipped out so they sent 130 ships over to England as "punishment". Their mistake was ego.

  • They get caught in a storm and are destroyed in English forces.
  • The Spanish weakened by defeat
  • The defeat of the Spanish by the English opened the door to English colonization of North America.

They were defeated. They thought that they were supreme, much like the Romans, and i believe that is why they weren't able to accomplish their goal and were defeated. The English were able to take over the new world and colonized North America. They were ready to fight and were hopeful, which was what brought them success.


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