Satanism By Shicoreya Dobine

Founder: Anton LaVey . (April 11, 1930 - October 29, 1997)

Anton LaVey

"Sacred Text(s): Satanic Bible . Published by founder of the religion, Anton LaVey.

"The Satanic Bible" Written By Anton LaVey

The Church of Satan neither worships the Judeo-Christian devil nor does it believe in the being's existence. "Satanism" to church members is more like a philosophy than a traditional religion. The following three lists are starting points in understanding the church's belief system.

The primary ways in which Satanism influences modern culture are through the entertainment industry. The over-the-top indulgence culture of modern rock music and film meshes well with Satanism and many musicians and actors have dabbled with Satanism or become converts. This may be reflected in their work by the use of Satanic imagery or iconography, however it is most often reflected in a desire to push forth self-indulgence over restraint or good moral choice. Glorifying drug use, mindless sex or gluttony are the most common expressions of Satanism.

An obsession with darkness, depression and death also appears alot, since Satanists believe that the current life is the only one worth living and that preparation for the afterlife is pointless. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on no, from the collection of vast quantities of wealth to a refusal to share said wealth, which is a central tenet of Christianity. Satanism is most easily spotted by the glorification of greed, and most easily avoided by eschewing entertainment and businesses which glorify greed, hedonism and temporary pleasures.



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