Club Info Day 9/5/18

On Sept. 5, students swarmed the basketball courts to learn about the multitude of clubs offered at Lynbrook. Club officers dressed in their club apparel made colorful signs and posters to attract new members.

Club Members voice their opinions

“I joined because I knew I loved the medical field, I just didn’t know which part, and learning about the heart captured my heart," said sophomore Shasta Narayanan about Cardio Med.

“[Athletics Unlimited] provides students with a chance to give back to the athletic community, especially since athletics are in the shadows of academics," said junior Jessica Atmadja.

"The best thing about Science club are the demos because they are really intriguing," said junior Kavish Trivedi. "At our first club meeting, for example, we are going to light money on fire. It sounds dangerous, but it is possible through science to make money fire-retardant."

"I am a writer. Writing was my hobby and Vertigo helped improve my skills," said junior Grace Huang. "I kept up with Vertigo because it is a good place to meet people with the same hobby. "

GSA officers (from left to right) Jessabelle Ramos, Estella Lin, and Margo Buell show their club spirit.

Junior Tanav Ohal, a member of the Forensic Science club, promotes the club. Many club members walked around with posters and handouts to entice students.

Even though learning routines can be stressful, it’s still fun. Sometimes, JUMP dance was the only thing I was looking forward to in the school week.

- Melody Chen, sophomore

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Enzo Cabaltica, Kavya Iyer, Audrey Wong, Rachel Wu Epic


All photos by Kavya Iyer and Audrey Wong

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