THE BEE REVOLUTION mila,camilla & Isabella

Manifesto :Bee’s work as a circle to are life.Without them food wouldn’t be pollinated.It's like something heroic they do.They are the basis of our soul.They are our armies,they fight for our life.If bees wouldn’t pollinate food, avocado and strawberries and all the other basics wouldn’t exist.They are allied with nature and live their lives based on our behaviours.We should respect and protect them.We have to realize the importance of those animals.When they will die, we will die too.They are future,our future.

  • #doyou(bee)lieve #fightforbees
  • #lethem(bee) #animalsarelikehumans
  • #stopthedeforestation #ourarmies

Future technologies will be more developed and will abolish all green space's. Then bee's will not be able to reproduce w/out flowers and they will stop pollinating our food. #bee=human

List of Foods We Will Lose if We Don’t Save the Bees: Mangos, Apples, Kiwi, Pears,Strawberry's,Apricots,Coffee, Wallnut,Lemons,Carrots,Cucumber,Hazelnut

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